And the winner of Birthday Celebration 1 is….

And the winner of Birthday Celebration 1 is….

Thank you so much for participating! There were seven entries in total. And the winner is…..

Results Are In!

That means the lucky winner is Nanette Zikan!! You can now purchase a very cute Vintage Bianca in size 4 for only $21 plus postage! Please email me on to confirm! Thank you to those that participated. I love this fabric SO much.And as its my birthday, WHO THINKS I SHOULD HAVE A SECOND CHANCE  DRAW RIGHT NOW AND GIVE AWAY ANOTHER ONE AT THIS SPECIAL DEAL AND PRICE?Comment below if you are interested. You have 15 minutes. 😉



  1. Rebekah Nicholson says:

    Of course! 😉

  2. Brianna Kent says:

    Yes please!

  3. OK, I just need to please settle Lilli May for bed and will draw this at 9pm! Thanks for your patience! 🙂

  4. Brianna Kent says:

    Not a problem, hope she goes down easily for you.

  5. OK ladies. My little princess went down very easy tonight…probably because she didnt have her proper nap today as she was out with Daddy birthday present shopping for me!! :D. OK. So because you have been so patient with me. And you two have commented again and shown me how keen you are…would you both like one? I am happy to offer you both one each, in your preferred size (size 2 for you Rebekah? and a Size 8 for you Brianna?) a Vintage Bianca for only $21 plus postage. What do you think?

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