Is there an echo in here?

Is there an echo in here?


It only seems like yesterday that I held Lilli May in my arms for the very first time. That was 14 months ago tomorrow! Look how grown up she is in this photo! I never really appreciated it when people would say “wow doesn’t time fly” until we had Lilli May! Now, I can’t believe how fast it is going!

I remember when I was a kid and time seemed to drag. Months seemed to take F O R E V E R until the next school holidays. Weekdays seemed to drag on until it was the weekend and we could spend time at my Nan and Pops farm. Afternoons seemed to feel like a week if I was waiting to see if Mum would tell Dad about the fight I’d had with my sister, cause she had threatened it all afternoon ‘you wait till your father gets home!’. And minutes seemed like eons when I was laying in bed, not tired, knowing my older sister was up watching TV like I wanted to, but because I was younger, my bedtime was earlier.

But not now! I don’t even notice minutes anymore. The microwave is always ‘remind beeping’ me that my cup of reheated tea is still in there as I have forgotten about it! Again! So will have to reheat it. Again! The toast is always cold and hard when I get to it as the minutes fly by so quick that I can’t even get to it when it cooks and pops out!

The speed of time had never been more obvious than in the last couple of weeks….because Lilli May is starting to repeat (or at least try to) everything we say! It’s like she has read the “how to speak English” manual in record time, just like Trinity reads the “how to fly a helicopter” manual in The Matrix. LOL

She is coming out with things now that we don’t even notice that we say. This is what happened when my husband Dan was leaving for work;
Dan to Lilli May: Bye Bye
Lilli: Bye Bye (standard response)
Dan to me: See ya
Lilli: See ya!

We never took any notice that that is what we say to each other all the time and that now she has picked it up! Maybe it’s time we take more TIME and be careful about what we say as we seem to have a very attentive little parrot!

It kinda makes me wonder, what does time feel like for her and how does time feel for others? Is it just me that it is flying for? Or has the world simply sped up?!

Keep smiling


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