Did someone say GIFT VOUCHERS?!

Did someone say GIFT VOUCHERS?!

When Lilli May woke up today I showed her the computer screen and what she saw amazed her!!!

Look at all those LIKERS!!!


AMAZED to see that Lilli May designs has nearly reached 1000 likers!! Thank you to each and every one of you!

So we talked about it and we have decided to have some giveaways to celebrate once we get past 1020 LIKERS!! Yes we always go above and beyond here! 😉

There will be the following SIX prizes up for grabs:

  • PRIZE 1 : One 25% off gift voucher
  • PRIZE 2 : One 25% off gift voucher
  • PRIZE 3 : One 25% off gift voucher
  • PRIZE 4 : One 25% off gift voucher
  • PRIZE 5 : One $25 gift voucher
  • PRIZE 6 :a bonus $25 gift voucher if the winner of PRIZE 5 is also a LMD VIP 

So I will be marketing and spreading the word about LMD to help us increase the likers. You can also assist by letting your friends and family know about Lilli May designs. Together I am sure we can get there soon!

Keep smiling!




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