Lilli May designs 1000 Liker Photo Competition!!!

Lilli May designs 1000 Liker Photo Competition!!!

Welcome to the Lilli May designs 1000 Liker Photo Competition!!

You can be in the running to win LMD shopping vouchers simply by voting!!

Due to Facebook rules, all competitions must NOT be run directly on Facebook and need to be run via a Blog etc. Pages found to be running competitions directly on Facebook pages, can be shut down without notice. That is why this competition is run via my Blog. 🙂

In addition to the 1000 Liker Photo Competition, over the next week there will be spot specials announced via this Blog so make sure you click the “FOLLOW BLOG” and become a LMD VIP so that you don’t miss out! (E.g. recently one LMD VIP was able to purchase the Jettison Jacket at an amazing 45% off!)

Below are 10 Lilli May designs gorgeous customer photos! To be in the running to win you must be a liker of the LMD facebook page and then simply VOTE by leaving a comment below.

HOW TO VOTE – In the comment section below:

1. State which photo you like best eg. “Photo 2”

2. State why you like it best eg. “vintage colours and orange are my favourite and I am in love with owls”

You can only choose one photo. Please make sure you include your email address when asked (not necessary if you have a userid) so that I am able to contact you if you win!

The competition is open to voters from Saturday 28th July 2012 till Friday 3rd August 2012 with winners announced soon after!

We here at LMD will then choose the top three voting comments!

Prizes up for grabs are as follows:

First Place Prizes:

The voter with the best comment on WHY will win a LMD $25 Gift Voucher to spend on any LMD items!!

The owner of the photo the winning voter likes best will also win a LMD $25 Gift Voucher!!

Second Place Prizes:

The voter with the second best comment on WHY will win a LMD 25% Off Gift Voucher!!

The owner of this photo will also win a LMD 25% Off Gift Voucher !!!

Third Place Prizes:

The voter with the third best comment on WHY will win a LMD 25% Off Gift Voucher!!

The owner of this photo will also win a LMD 25% Off Gift Voucher!!

Bonus Prize:

A special prize of a LMD $25 Gift Voucher will also be awarded to the photo that receives the MOST votes/comments.

Yes your FRIENDS AND FAMILY CAN VOTE too…they just MUST be a liker of the LMD page to be eligible…so make sure they know about LMD today!!

THAT IS SEVEN PRIZES UP FOR GRABS!!!!! (All prizes exclude postage and all vouchers can not be used in conjunction with any other offer/discount)

So check out the gorgeous photos below and vote now!!!!

The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Only comments/votes made below on this blog post will be considered as entry into the competition. One entry per person. No comments posted on Facebook will be counted. Please note that this promotion/competition has nothing to do with Facebook. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Please note that you are providing information to Lilli May designs and not to Facebook.

If you have any questions please email me at

Photo 1 : Alice’s Gorgeous Room
(LMD Cot Rail Cover, Fitted Sheets and Change Mat Cover)

Photo 2 : Bianca’s Ninabelle
(LMD Ninabelle Snuggly Owl)

Photo 3 : Emma
(LMD Sasha Coat and Bianca Dress)

Photo 4 : Jarrah
(LMD Luke Pants – boarder snow & frog pond – and Casey Cap)

Photo 5 : Lachy
(LMD ‘Green Grub’ Reversible Vince Vest)

Photo 6 : Leanne
(LMD Vintage Bag Bag)

Photo 7 : Lily
(LMD Blue Chicks Bianca Dress)

Photo 8 : Ruby May
(LMD Vintage Mint Bianca Dress)

Photo 9 : Sarah
(LMD Florence the Tooth Fairy)

Photo 10 : Willow & Ebony
(LMD Vintage Wool Blend Bianca Dresses)

Which photo will you choose?! Remember you must include the Photo NUMBER you like best and also WHY you like it best. Comments missing either of these will not be counted.

Good luck!!

Keep smiling!

Miss Michka



  1. Nanette says:

    Love that dress in photo 10. It’s a classy style that looks wonderful and quite sophisticated on an older girl like Ebony; not much around for them. Oh and it looks really cute on little Willow too!

  2. Number 10 as it reminds me of old fashion clothes from the early 1900. A lovely outfit to enjoy a high tea afternoon.

  3. Number 4 for the boys as the clothes make the little boy look adorable. Great colours and fabric looks fantastic.

  4. caitlin says:

    Number 4 – What a gorgeous little rockstar, rockin’ those pants and hat! Cheeky little clothes for a cheeky little monkey!!!

  5. number 4 What a handsome little model! The pants are super cute…. They look very stylish and extra comfy as well… perfect outfit for a day of mischief!

  6. My favourite is photo 3 because the photos are natural and not posed. The left side of the picture with Emma wearing the Sasha coat is stunning and it’s something I would expect to see as a professional photo. Plus, it shows Emma running around having fun in the clothes and we all know about the clothes that look pretty but aren’t comfortable or you can’t really play in them. So this photo is a good example of your items being beautiful and functional.

  7. Cass Jenkins says:

    I am voting for photo #7. Lily looks gorgeous in her bright dress. It is just perfect for brightening up a gloomy winters day while she plays inside. If you cant go outside to listen to the birds and play in the garden, the next best thing is to put them on a funky lil dress.

  8. I am voting for photo number 8…I love the LMD Vintage Mint Bianca Dress…it is able to be dressed up or as is and always looks devine…it is the ‘go to dress’ no matter the occasion for my Ruby and always gets lovely comments! Aside from looking beautiful, it is functional, practical and so very warm with the rediculous cold weather we have had.

  9. Kim Morgan says:

    Photo 8.
    I love the mint green colour with the stunning big flower. Absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Ruby May, you are rockin this dress baby!

  10. No. 7 of Lily looking gorgeous in her dress, perfect for a beautiful little girl.

  11. Dylan Seegers says:

    Photo 8 – Ruby May

    Beautiful eyes and a gorgeous Flower dress..

  12. Tammy Mason says:

    Photo 8- Ruby May……..
    Love the colour of the dress with that flower & the long sleeved shirt underneath. Beautiful little girl with such a sweet smile.

  13. Tania Delia says:

    Photo 8 – Ruby
    Love the colour ……. sweet flower design ……. gorgeous girl 😀

  14. Photo 3. Sasha coat is great color with cute bow tie and it’s great on Emma!

  15. Photo 8. That is such an adorable dress and the model looks so happy!

  16. Photo 7 Cheeky on look on Lily’s face matches the cheeky colourful chicks on party dress!!

  17. I like photo 7 the best.. The dress is a beautiful colour n it looks like it could b worn both for summer and winter so you will get a lot of wear out of it. Also the little girl is adorable what a great little model.

  18. Photo 7. how gorgeous lily looks

  19. Photo 7 – Lily looks gorgeous in the funky blue colourful dress 🙂

  20. Photo 7!

  21. Natalie Miller says:

    Oh I can’t go past the gorgeous ruby may in photo 8!! Now I spent some time making sure of my decision but there was no way I could go past a few of my favourite things; my favourite colour, mint green; self covered fabric buttons (so much fun) and the most delightful layering of beautiful different coloured doilies I have seen on an outfit! There is a lot of ‘vintage’ style dresses around but this LMD definitely would have people asking where it came from!!! Xx

  22. anna mortimer says:

    number 10 as they look georgous

  23. Tracey Biletic says:

    Photo 7 Blue chicks Bianca dress! Love the fabric it is bright fun and funky, the dress design looks to be a fantastic fit too!

  24. Photo eight love the pinafore style, the color is vibrant but the best part is the multicolored doily flower, perfect placement of a gorgeous piece

  25. Catie fielder says:

    I LOVE the dress photo 8. The mint is so vibrant, it brings out the colour in the little girls eyes and the doileys are absolutely gorgeous together! The purple Doiley looks Devine with the mint colour I the dress!! The style of the dress is gorgeous and looks great on a younger child xx I also love how this dressed can be dressed up if needed and also suited to all weather conditions by wearing tshirts underneath and leggings in cooler weather.

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