And the winners are……

Firstly thank you to all my wonderful customers for your ongoing support. Also a very special thank you to those of you that sent in your photos for the competition of your Lilli May designs items in use, I am so grateful to you for sharing!

I love all the photos!! I am sure it was very hard for people to choose just one.

A big thank you goes out to all of you that shared the details of my competition and for voting!!

With no further ado the winners are as follows:


Ruby May!!!

Photo 8 : Ruby May
(LMD Vintage Bianca)

1st Place and the winners of $25 LMD Gift Voucher

COMMENT: Renae Elsie Georg

My favourite is photo 3 because the photos are natural and not posed. The left side of the picture with Emma wearing the Sasha coat is stunning and it’s something I would expect to see as a professional photo. Plus, it shows Emma running around having fun in the clothes and we all know about the clothes that look pretty but aren’t comfortable or you can’t really play in them. So this photo is a good example of your items being beautiful and functional.


Photo 3 : Emma
(LMD Sasha Coat and Bianca Dress)

 2nd Place and winners of 25% off LMD Gift Voucher

COMMENT: Natalie Miller

Oh I can’t go past the gorgeous ruby may in photo 8!! Now I spent some time making sure of my decision but there was no way I could go past a few of my favourite things; my favourite colour, mint green; self covered fabric buttons (so much fun) and the most delightful layering of beautiful different coloured doilies I have seen on an outfit! There is a lot of ‘vintage’ style dresses around but this LMD definitely would have people asking where it came from!!! Xx

PHOTO: Ruby May

Photo 8 : Ruby May
(LMD Vintage Bianca)

3nd Place and winners of 25% off LMD Gift Voucher

COMMENT: Cass Jenkins

I am voting for photo #7. Lily looks gorgeous in her bright dress. It is just perfect for brightening up a gloomy winters day while she plays inside. If you cant go outside to listen to the birds and play in the garden, the next best thing is to put them on a funky lil dress.


Photo 7 : Lily
(LMD Bianca Dress)

Congratulations to all the winners!! I would appreciate it and love it if you could comment on the link to this announcement on my Facebook page to acknowledge that you have won and it also lets others know. Facebook rules prevent me from announcing on Facebook that you are a winner…but you are able to comment about your win! Also please email me on to claim your prize!

Keep smiling




  1. Natalie Miller says:

    How exciting! Thank you! Such beautiful clothes from such a lovely fb page. Congrats on the 1000 once again xx

  2. Oh how exciting that Ruby’s photo in the LMD Vintage Bianca Dress was voted as the most popular….thank you to all who voted x o ❤
    This is a fabulous dress and most practical for layering depending on the weather out, it is fashionable and practical and most importantly.. brilliant for playing in!!

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