Taking my creativity outside.

Taking my creativity outside.

As you may well have guessed, I LOVE to use my creative ability. It truly makes me smile on the inside when I can create things.

I enjoy creating anything with anything…be it with fabric or food or arts and crafts. 

We are now well and truly settled in our home and have finally had a chance, and the right weather, to get outside and create! 

So we set about a project that will involve the whole family – a fruit, herb and vegetable garden.

Picking the perfect spot in the backyard is of course the most important step. As this not only determines the size of the patch but also what fruit and veggies you can grow there based on the amount of sun and shelter it has.

So I chose a spot that gets the full sun all day until about 4pm when the sun drops behind our large gum tree. After agreeing on the best size, husbando went about building the frame for us.

As I watched him, I realised it was kinda like how I measure and cut out fabric…measure twice and cut once…and the drop saw is kinda like a very large rotary cutter…but a lot more dangerous. He did a great job and it cost less than $20!

As husbando was responsible for the building, I was responsible for the soil and plant selection. I managed to use my powers of persuasion, that my dad taught me, and got a great deal on a tonne of premium soil delivered. Plus Lilli May was amazed at how the tip truck worked!

I was so happy with what he built, that I even watched him helped him fill it with wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of my soil! 🙂

Then yesterday, with lots of prancing around in a tutu in Bunnings help from Lilli May we picked out the perfect plants for our needs. 

I was so happy to wake up this morning to a gorgeous warm sunny winters day that was just PERFECT for getting out in the garden!

Of course we had to lay in the sun and think about which plants to put where and then the digging and preparation began. It is an important step in the creative process of planting your garden, to ensure the layout of the plants is just right, based on their shape and the height they grow to. After a few VERY relaxing hours in the sun, soaking up the vitamin D, breathing the fresh air and getting our hands dirty, we have our very own fruit, veggie and herb garden!! (We did already have some herbs so it was nice to add to these as well.)


 Now it is up to Lilli May and I to tend to the garden and potted plants everyday, shower them with water and love and watch them grow until we can eat them! The plants all look so tiny now. I will show you in a few weeks how they are going. I love that we now have another reason to get outside and enjoy our backyard! I cant wait to eat all the yummy things we have growing…as I know that the food we grow always tastes that little bit better than the stuff you buy at the markets, as it is grown with that extra bit of love. Plus this is a great way to teach Lilli May about the wonders of gardening, the fun that you can have with dirt and how to grow things to eat!

And boy did I love getting down and dirty in the garden! Its true what they say, you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl!

Now I think I better go scrub my hands after this outside creation, before I go inside to create something with my fabric!!

Keep smiling




  1. What a lot of fun for you all!!! I cant wait to see progress shots. My whole back yard is in shade so I can only dream of a vegie garden 🙂

    • Oh yeah the shade isnt very good for a veggie garden BUT it must be lovely and cool in Summer! I will be sure to post progress shots every few weeks. I checked them all today and they survived their first night with us. Winning!! LOL


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