Will I ever drink a full cup of hot tea again?

Will I ever drink a full cup of hot tea again?

My name is Mich and I am a Mum and I love lukewarm and cold tea! I will drink at least one cup like this


I make a cup of tea with boiling water. I take a sip. I let it sit and go cold. Then I drink it.

At least that is what the outside world sees. To anyone one doing a ‘big brother’ on me, that is what they would see. So one would then assume that if she is having it every day then she must like it!

I have to say that I agree with the saying, ‘dont judge a book by its cover’ !!

Cause in reality, I am not that keen on lukewarm or cold tea. In fact, if I had to be completely honest with myself, I would say I hate it. Yet I seem to drink one at least EVERY single day!!

And just like everyone with a habit that they wished they didn’t have, I try not to do it every day, but it still keeps happening. Even though I keep trying it still seems to occur! I always have good intentions to ‘finish the entire cup, whilst it is still nice and hot, and not get distracted’. I have even tried to not even bother making one till I can see a clear 15 minutes where I will just stop, sit and drink.

I don’t know what it is like for you, but when I sit down to relax, and take 15 minutes out, that is when I seem to think of all the things I need to do (and have the actual motivation to do them), or when I notice things that need to be done. Like pack away toys. Like vacuum the dirty rug. Like respond to those emails. Like get sucked into the online abyss. Then when I finish these things, BAM, the tea is on its way to cold!!

Sometimes I will reheat it in the microwave. Sometimes I then sit down again and get distracted again and it goes cold again.

I cant help but wonder, is it just me that this happens to or does it happen to others? Does this kind of thing only happen to mums? Is it like, once you have kids you wont often-be-able-to-go-to-the-toilet-on-your-own-again nor will you be likely to drink-a-full-cup-of-hot-tea, and nor will-you-be-able-to-wear-white-pants-for-a-full-day-without-getting-little-hand-marks-on-them kinda thing? 

Hmmm. Oh no!! I gotta go. My tea has gone cold AGAIN and I have to go reheat it. 

Keep smiling!




  1. Natalie Miller x says:

    If it makes you feel any better Mich, I LITERALLY just swallowed my last mouthful of cold tea 🙂 I too NEVER get to finish a cup in my household – and today purchased a smaller vintage china tea cup in the hope that just maybe I will get through it being a smaller cup x

  2. That’s motherhood for you, certainly not alone there 🙂

  3. ahh the benefits of not being a tea (or coffee) drinker 😛

  4. Hehehe… happens to me ALL THE TIME :-/ Such are the joys of parenting! I long for the day that I can finish a cuppa in one sitting.

  5. YuP, cold coffee is a regular occurrence here!

  6. Years later,, I am still drinking cold tea, and I don’t like it either,


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