Spring has sprung! Time to unleash the Stepford Wife!

Spring has sprung! Time to unleash the Stepford Wife!

Well everyone is all excited about it being a new season. Spring here in the southern hemisphere is usually met with open arms after the bitter cold of winter. Mind you, it is usually only a few weeks before we also then start complaining about it being too warm and wishing it was winter again! LOL

So not only does this change in season usually signal that its time to get outside and garden (tick – see previous post here) and shave the legs as its time to show them again (tick – never posting that here) it also usually means that it is time to SPRING CLEAN!

Now being a mum and wife and raised in the country I relish the chance to clean. Thing is, with being a mum and a wife and working on Lilli May designs orders I often don’t get the chance to clean. I mean REALLY clean. Things are certainly clean here – they just aren’t SPRING CLEAN. Stuff can get put where it fits but not necessarily belongs. Also the kinda clean you do when your mum is coming to stay – well my mum anyway…and she was last here 7 weeks ago – this is only halfway to what could be described as a SPRING clean. Spring cleaning is an aggressive overhaul of your home.

Now I knew I couldn’t do this on my own. I needed a little assisted direction. So I decided to join the gorgeous Katrina and sign up to the Organised Housewife’s 20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge.

So I am sharing my journey (always wanted to say that just like they do on most reality TV shows) with you all (warts and all) over the next 20 days. Plus a clean house is easier to maintain than a messy one (especially when you couple this with new cleaning and organisation habits) so I am all for extra time to relax in the future and have extra time to create and sew!

So after completing a few days of pre-task challenges over the last few days, today was the official Day 1.

Day 1 – the kitchen

I woke up to this:

As you can see it was a little untidy. :O

There was one end of the dining table that was the drop off point for ANYTHING – mail, newspapers, broken toys etc and things that belonged in other rooms that you plan to pack away later would go into the big glass bowl..with the pens and hair things, and sticky tape and post it notes etc. Then there is the bench where the items to be taken to the recycling each morning sits, then the sink that had dishes in it to the bench that was just cluttered with stuff. Sigh.

So with the help of todays checklist, I decluttered and cleaned all the surfaces including the cupboard that is used for the chemicals, medicines etc

This cupboard went from this:

To this:

I can’t believe all the extra space I have, after removing the items that should be in the bathroom or laundry or other areas of the house and throwing away all the out of date items.

I was interested to see this:

As it seems like we get a lot of headaches and are band-aid hoarders. The simple fact is the cupboard was such a mess that it looked like we had run out and needed to buy more, when in fact there were already packets in there…just underneath a heap of crap hidden!

I also cleaned the microwave, inside and out, and all the benches and cupboard doors. I also decided to remove the blind as it just blocked natural light and I now plan to make some framing curtains for the window.

So now it looks like this:

It is so ORGANISED and so inviting and so light and bright! So it was a fantastic Day 1! Lilli May helped me with the cleaning (loved playing with the toys that had previously disappeared into the BIG GLASS BOWL), we then played outside and had lunch. I then worked on some orders whilst she slept. When she woke up we went for our daily walk. Came home showered with her and then baked a cake, as the husbando got home. Then we all had dinner together, played, put Lilli May to bed and I caught up on some invoicing/emails and now this post before I go to bed.

I can’t wait for tomorrows challenge and I cant wait to see what our home will be like after this challenge!

My inner Stepford Wife is LOVING this!

Keep smiling!




  1. Aw,, I miss all that stuff

  2. Wow fantastic first effort Mich!

    • Thank you! I am loving this challenge. The thing I like most is I can see instant results….that goes a long way in keeping me motivated 🙂
      How are you going with it?


  1. […] Day 17 – medicine cabinet – completed already, details here […]

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