I found the Blu Tack!!!!!!!!

I found the Blu Tack!!!!!!!!

Well its Tuesday and Day 2 of the 20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge.

Oh my goodness it was SO lovely to enter our new organised kitchen this morning, which was helped by my new night-time and morning routines. I am a huge fan of this challenge and can already see the benefits! I am loving the wife and mumma training that I am undertaking. It is just giving me the direction to focus and hone the organising and cleaning skills that I already have! 🙂

Day 2 – Main Bedroom

I woke up to this:

…including the cute little Ruffian…

…and all the clutter! Lucky us hey?! As you can see the cupboard tops have become storage areas and there is the mountain of washing that we did on the weekend in the basket waiting to be packed away. Oh and all those extra pillows that I have on the bed for ‘decorative purposes only’ also get ‘stored’ in that area in front of the wardrobe of a night.

So after we got dressed, ate breakfast and hung the washing out, and before her nap, my sewing and then our walk,  it was on to the daily tasks!

So as I had only stripped the bed on the weekend, it was a simple make and place all the pillows outside in the sun for a few hours. This was great, as the bed then made the perfect dumping ground to sort everything else out. Next task was on to packing all the washing away.

Then it was onto removing all the items from the top of cupboards, putting them in baskets if they are to go to a different room or be thrown out. If they were to stay then I put them in another basket and would then dust them all before putting the item back in its place.


We are also keeping a list of all the items that need repairing or buying for the weekend, and the first item on the list is new handles for my little vintage wardrobe that only cost me $12…the handles will probably cost more than the whole cupboard!!  😀

How nice and organised does this look now?!

I love all our pretty bottles. I know they should be tucked away in the dark somewhere, but I use them up so quickly and keep them out of direct sunlight so they are fine for me. Plus looking at them makes me smile. And why would anyone deny themselves a smile?! 🙂

There was dust….

And mould on the window sill (eeek)

But with a few squirts and a bit of elbow grease…the area was clean!

Then I stood back and admired my work!

I am so happy that I will now again be able to sit up in bed, be it last thing at night or first thing in the morning, and see my little relaxation centre – the gorgeous handmade blue pyramid candle holder from my sisters mother-in-law, the wooden incense burner from my mum and the little mini buddha table that I use as a stand for my other incense burner and candles and was a gift from my sister. 

Oh and the biggest bonus of today’s clean up is I FOUND THE BLU TACK that I had been searching for, for the last few weeks! It had slipped off down the back of the cupboard!! Yay!

So Day 2 is done! The little M & M man has been banished back to the man cave, the washing is packed away and the TV (which we havent watched in the bedroom since we moved here 4 months ago) may also be removed. BUT….and this is for you husbando…THE EXTRA DECORATIVE PILLOWS ON THE BED (all 5 of them not counting the 2 pillows we actually use) ARE NOT CLUTTER AND WILL NOT BE GOING, THEY ARE STAYING.  🙂

I am sure I am not the ONLY one, with decorative pillows on the bed that get thrown off every night before bed and get placed back on the bed every morning when the bed is made, am I?!

Bring on Day 3!

Keep smiling!




  1. No you are most definitely not the only one with pretty pillows lol we have two big Euporean pillows (shhhh don’t tell my hubby that our new linen meant spending $40 each on those pillow cases). Plus I don’t let the hubby to sleep on the white pillow that sit at the front, no yucky man stains for my grown up linen!

    • LOL that is gold. Oh and our little secret. Plus I agree with the man stains…I don’t let him sleep on just any of the pillows, there are specific pillowcases that get slept on and ones that don’t! 😀

  2. Nope, I have decorative pillows too – four of them, And a stuffed pig.

  3. Yay you! Depending on what doona cover set I have on I hae anywhere between 6 and 10 pillows on the bed, drives the hubs crazy 🙂

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