Today’s Blog is bought to you by Cold Chisel and Poison!

Today’s Blog is bought to you by Cold Chisel and Poison!

Well today was Day 4 of the 20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge.

I can’t believe how fast this week is going!

Time for you to snoop in another part of our home. 🙂 Todays schedule also included a quick trip out this morning for a ‘in home’ consultation (yes laa dee daa) to measure up a new Lilli May designs item. So the before photos were taken before this and we started on the room after breakfast and after we got back home.

Day 4 – Lounge Room

So this is how we started…

So not too bad really.

First things first was to turn on some tunes on MTV Classic channel and then remove the items that don’t belong, take the cushions out to get some sun and pack the toys back in the toy box. Yes our bears wear shoes. Volley’s to be exact.

We decided when Lilli May started walking at 8.5 months (YES you read that right), that we would store away our glass coffee table and not have one. It has been a great idea as not only does it allow us extra space in the lounge room for her to play, it is one less thing for her to climb up and stand on (which she does to anything and everything) and it means that we aren’t tempted to have any hot drinks etc near her. Well I use the term ‘hot’ we all know that I love lukewarm tea. 🙂

Now isn’t this little bit of interior decorating TO…..DIE…….FOR!!!

This stunning unique layering of a black scarf and a deep crimson red scarf are the perfect accessory to cover the glass door of an evening if someone is up watching TV so that the light doesn’t shine through into the bedroom (through the office) and you are too busy to take the time out to make the roll-up blind that you have all the parts for that you purchased months ago. Simple, yet very effective. *blushing*

As this door leads to our home office and the front door, I want a blind here and not a curtain, as I want to be able to have the light come through when I need it during the day but need the door closed to keep my little Ruffian out of the office. I will make the blind sometime in the next few weeks. I promise and I will Blog to prove it (gee now it’s out there I better actually do it)!

As Poison was pumping out of the speakers, I dusted and clean all the speaker surfaces….

Dusted and cleaned the bookshelf (which we picked up second-hand last weekend) and the TV, DVD player etc…

Then in my quest for more natural light, I looked at the curtains….

..and I decided to remove them for good and I will replace them with some framing curtains. I love the extra NATURAL light we now have and you can see the lovely window details now as well. Win win.

Bonus: as I took time out to admire the new improved windows, we had a bit of a yell-a-long and dance to Cold Chisel.

Since we have been in this house, it has been winter, so we havent ever opened the window in the lounge room. If we wanted air flow we just opened the glass panelled door and the front door was right there. So I wasnt that surprised to find really grotty windows and lots of spider webs on the outside of them.

So after some spray with bug spray, and clean inside and outside, the windows were much cleaner than the paper towel was. Eeeewwww.

Next was the cabinet. We had only recently packed this so not much to do here except a quick tidy of the draws.

Have you ever played Skip-Bo?!?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game! Grew up on it with my sister and mum on a weekend at the kitchen table. FUN!  We preferred this over Uno, what about you??

After all the dusting of the shelves and rearranging of the contents of the draws I replaced our very hi-tech “keep Lilli May out of the draws and cupboards” devices…

…tiny squares of cardboard. Jams them shut and even I struggle to get them open. Cost = zero!

It was great to finally organise the new (used) bookshelf too by putting some more candle holders and happy snaps etc on display….

..including my original Strawberry Shortcake doll from the (shhhh) early eighties when I was 5 that Lilli May loves to play with. Also the orange pumpkin is from the 70’s as was a favourite of my sister and I – its Cinderella’s pumpkin that she travelled to the ball in and has the little mice and all!! Cute hey?! Another fav is this picture of the Husbando and I at the V8’s up in Darwin for my birthday a few years ago. The note is a message he wrote on a post-it for me years ago (he was living in Perth & I in Sydney, and he left this note under my pillow on a day he flew back to Perth from spending a weekend with me) when we first started seeing each other. Awwwwwwww how romantic is he?!

The mat was next to attack…when we bought this, we thought “oh yeah, black would hide dirt etc”…but this mat shows up EVERYTHING and we have to vacuum it a few times a week!


Lucky for it that it comes up so nice after it is vacuumed to ensure it is not banished to Gumtree/eBay!

Now, the last thing left to do today was to vacuum the couch.

Before I show you the final pics of the lounge room, I wanted to share two last photos with you. The first was taken on Tuesday afternoon and the second was taken this morning of the same spot. It was almost like Lilli May took a look around the lounge room the other day and thought to herself ‘this room is pretty organised already, she wont be able to fill a whole blog post on this, so I better help her out’.

So she grabbed a biro, from me whilst I was on the phone IN THE SAME ROOM AS HER SITTING ON THE TOY BOX (so yes I only have myself to blame), and decided to decorate the lounge….in 10 seconds flat she did this:

Being the knowledgeable Stepford Wife that I am, I worked my magic…

….and it was gone. I guess I still have a photo of her lovely artwork to keep as a memento. Monkey.

With the kettle on and the incense burning, welcome to our organised and clean (and light and bright) lounge room.

Come on over and have a cuppa and a sing-a-long with us! We do have coffee…but lukewarm/cold tea is my speciality!

See you all tomorrow for the next installment. 🙂

Keep smiling!



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