1 Tequila..2 Tequila..3 Tequila…

1 Tequila..2 Tequila..3 Tequila…

What comes next?

I used to go out on a Friday night after work and live this song….

I can’t remember what comes next now though…

Maybe I cant remember it because I am a mum now, and for me, I would prefer to stay with my little Ruffian than go out partying on a Friday night…I am enjoying not waking up hung over on a Saturday that’s for sure!

Oh hang on…thats right! The next bit is FLOOR!!! 😀

Day 5 – Floor

Todays tasks in the 20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge is to clean the floors! 🙂

So basically this involved picking up all the items off the floor so that the vacuuming can be done.

Meet Bob. This is our Budgie, full name Silent Bob. He used to live with Jay but Jay died nearly a year ago 😦

Bob lives in our home office, surrounded by my handmade curtains, my old primary school ports and is constantly chirping all day until he is covered up at night. He is a happy little thing and Lilli May adores him. Anyway, more on Bob at another time.

Bob is also a great dropper of feathers. So we use the little vacuum nearly everyday to suck them up.

This is something Lilli May loves to do…so she also did it today for me too.

Whilst she was doing this I moved all the mats off the floor throughout the house and move the furniture, that I could, as well. See this mat after 1 day?!

So THAT’s where the TMNT badge of Dadda’s went?! Under the toy chest.

We went out for morning tea, and when we got back home we vacuumed the rest of the house. Then we had lunch and then whilst Lilli May slept…

…I did this…

Then I sewed the rest of the nap time.

Well that is the first week down of the challenge! I love our newly organised rooms! We will be getting all the ‘repair’ items on my list over the weekend and I also plan to clear out the pantry.

So have a fantastic weekend and enjoy it no matter what you decide to do!

See you next week.

Keep smiling



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