Its all clean where we get clean!!

Its all clean where we get clean!!

Hellloooooo Monday!

It was easy to get out of bed this morning as it was overcast weather! I adore the rain and would be happy for it to rain everyday!

However, even though we were out of bed and there was a chance of rain to look forward to, there was this little sense of doom and gloom that I could not shake. Oh yes. Oh my. Oh dear. TODAY WAS CLEAN THE BATHROOM DAY in the  20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge!!!

Because I knew this day was coming, we have not cleaned it for at least 3 weeks now (except for surface wipe downs of the basin etc) and Lilli has been having showers with me so standing up. Now the husbando is a tradie…so he can get pretty dirty and…ok ok ok enough excuses..lets get into it. Sigh. As soon as Lilli May went for her nap, I got changed and slapped on some rubber gloves!  

Day 6 – Bathroom

Are you ready?!! Here are the before shots. Eeeek

Like my green gloves?!

OK! Well there you go! YUK.

First thing I did was remove all items from the bath/shower, cupboards and floors etc. Then I sprayed on mould remover on all tiled surfaces, with the window open and the exhaust fan on. Then I cleaned the toilet. 🙂

Rather quickly it started to look great!

One weird, but wonderful thing about our toilet, is that it has this little hand-held water shooter. We ONLY use it to clean the toilet. I don’t want to know what its other uses may be as we just don’t roll that way!  It is a great cleaner!

(please note I nearly dropped my camera in the loo trying to get this photo whooopsy)

Next up was the cabinet. Lots of items just chucked in here without much need for them.

See the little glass shelf in the cupboard, and see the little peg things that stick into the side of the cupboard that the shelf rests on? Well these little suckers got me a good one today. After I cleared out every thing I took the shelf out and cleaned it, then decided to re-position the shelf to a higher position. I grabbed on to the first little peg and pulled and twisted. It didn’t budge, so I tried another one. It didn’t move either. I took my gloves off and tried both again. It was then, just before giving up that I realised that they are screwed in!

In my 38 years I have never come across little pegs like this that are screwed in! Well played bathroom cabinet. Well played.

I am so happy with how the cabinet (with its stupid screwed in little peg things) now looks after it has been cleaned and reorganised!

Then it was onto the shower/bath. I wiped down all the surfaces (they have had the mould remover on them now for about 30 mins) and then where there was a particularly bad area of scum etc I used my secret weapon!

If you have never used one of these you are in for a treat!! They work like magic on the soap scum! It is just a matter of rubbing it over where all the scum is (like you could see in the bottom edges of the bath) and it seriously gets wiped off. No scrubbing necessary!

Ta dah!!

How awesome does it look?!

I have another little secret weapon for all of you that have a shower curtain. As you would know, it gets soap scum etc on it to and this photo shows the before and after shots of the same area of the curtain.

Just wipe it down with one of these. Simple. Easy. Effective.

My final two tips for today. First, if you plan on using bleach like I did, then make sure you get changed into old clothes like I did because you may get bleach on them. (I am such a professional…NOT)

My last tip would be, if you have a Ruffian that you bath or a bath to clean, and if you don’t have already, then get yourself one of these to kneel on. Your knees will love you for it!

So now that it is all spick and span, I have thrown out all the nasty chemicals as I plan to now maintain this clean space with more natural cleaning solutions like vinegar and bi carb etc.

I am so happy this job is done and I am very satisfied with the results. It is so clean in there that I felt like we needed to get clean somewhere else before we had our shower in there tonight! 🙂

Oh and the gorgeous shower cap that Lilli May is wearing in the photos are from Lilli May designs and if you wish to order one from a range of boy and girl fabrics in child or adult sizes, with or without a ruffle added, details can be found here.

I am back on the cleaning horse and can’t wait for the next days tasks! Until then…

Keep smiling




  1. Great work! That little water shooter thingee has a proper name that I can’t recall … basically its for squirting poo off cloth nappies … nice huh?

  2. wow looks spiffy! lol I thought that thing was a bidet! it would really blow you away hey haha


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