Seeya Later Alligator..Dont Forget Your…..

Seeya Later Alligator..Dont Forget Your…..

I swear the mirror in the bathroom has just had “high-definition” enhancement added! Every time I look in the mirror it is sooooo clear and crisp and defined and bright and just wonderful! I am amazed at how wonderful it is to have a clean mirror and I did not realise how dirty it must have been!

Anyway, after a very busy day playing, taking Lilli May to the doctors (she has a crack/split on her foot) and then sewing, it was time to continue with Day 7 in the  20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge.

Day 7 – Fridge

Our fridge isn’t too bad really so it didn’t take too long to declutter and clean it.

Please remember to turn the thermostat in the fridge right down before you start to help conserve electricity. As always, first thing to do in the task is to clear everything out and give it a good wipe over and clean. I used a spray bottle that I have water and vanilla in to clean and freshen all the surfaces.

This was a walk in a the park compared to yesterday’s task of cleaning the bathroom!

I also didn’t have too many items that needed throwing away, some old beetroot that was stuck up the back with some old pineapple was as unexpected as it got. 🙂

So then it was just a matter of repacking.


Done. Now on to the freezer section.

Here is the before of the top and bottom draws:

I took all the items out, only needing to throw out a couple of old bread rolls and english muffins, and then wiped the draws out. It was great to repack these draws with some ‘order’ to where the contents went. Now we have lots of space.

Very happy with the results yet again. The fridge is now ready for the delivery of our weekly shop tomorrow. I even gave the front a full wipe down and tidy so it now looks like this:

The front of the freezer door at the bottom of the fridge is Lilli May’s area. She plays for ages with all the magnets.

As there was still some time before dinner I decided to clean out the pantry cupboard too.

This was done in super quick time as it really just needed a tidy up. A couple of things this cupboard revealed:

First are these ice cream cones…that are out of date.

The surprising thing is, is that the date is WAY before the date we moved here…so these were packed at our old place, and unpacked to the cupboard here and at no time was the date noticed. Duh!

Secondly there was of course a bottle of olives that most people have in their pantry but cant remember buying…

My tip for the pantry is when you use plastic storage containers to store all your opened or packet items (I recommend Lock & Lock as they are just brilliant) to ensure you don’t forget when the item expires, just tear it off and place it in the container with the contents. Easy.

 and now our pantry cupboard looks like this:

(And yes they are a strategically placed packet of chocolate melts just to tease you….I have something yummy planned for them.)

Some items that will not be cleaned off our fridge are the messages that husbando and I leave for each other (until they are replaced by new ones)…

…and my brother in laws crazy habit of signing everything…

..because it is the little things like this that make a house a home!

See you tomorrow!

Keep smiling




  1. With 4 children, i shop strictly once a week, so at the end of the week i have an empty fridge & clean it out, so after the groceries, it’s ready for a good restock. A fantastic clean feeling of a new week. Love Posie
    PS found you on Clare’s Craftroom blog.


  1. […] 20 – Freezer Declutter and Baking day – freezer complete, details here, and I will cook something yummy on Friday to share with you […]

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