The Cougar Cave

The Cougar Cave

My name is Michka and I am addicted to sewing.

Fabric is my drug of choice and I find myself constantly seeking out new dealers and stashing it so that I can just have it and look at it and eventually create something with it!

Can you relate to that?

Well I was so excited when I read about what todays tasks were in the 20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge because it meant that I got to hang out in my favourite room!!! My Cougar Cave!!

Day 8 – The Spare Room/Craft Room

The only thing is, is that I really didn’t have much to do to clean it up. As there is nothing in this room that I would class as ‘clutter’! I really like to keep my Cougar Cave tidy as I don’t feel creative when there is mess. I love every single item in here. I love the aura that this room has. I love the way it inspires me. It is Lilli May designs. So there was nothing to throw out…and only a few things to tidy up.

Here is how it looks before :

Who wouldn’t want to walk through this door everyday if they are greeted with such a bright and happy fabric filled room! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!

The only real areas I need to tidy is a couple of shelves on my wall of fabric, under the table and in the middle draw on my vintage dresser/desk.

So here is some of my stash and these shelves are pretty tidy…

There are a couple of shelves on this side that need a tidy up. My favourite shelf is the top one in the below photo. It holds all my Holly Hobbie goodness, genuine vintage HH fabric on the left part and the vintage HH bed linen on the right side

Then on to another of my little vintage wardrobes.

This one is just great for my Cougar Cave. It is the perfect size to store all my little bits and pieces that need to be locked away from little hands. 🙂

So as you can see, I already keep this space pretty tidy. So let me share a few of my special items.

First is one shelf that I have dedicated to little vintage items that I have collected.

My most loved thing here would have to be my original Textiles And Designs Year 7 School Book! From 1987 kiddies!!!

As I have said before, I fell in LOVE with sewing when I was introduced to it in Year 7 so I cherish this school book that has captured those first few moments that I shared with sewing.

Like learning to sew in straight lines…

To naming the machine parts…

There are so many cute little pages in this book that I loving decorated with my pudgy little 12 year old hands, the BEST one though is this:

My official SEWING MACHINE DRIVER’S LICENCE! How awesomely cute is that!!! So proud of 12 year old me!

Another prize possession in here, sitting above my window sill where my incense burner sits, next to a love note by the Husbando and a keepsake from when I went and saw the Dalai Lama, are my cotton reel holders that my lovely wonderful mum gave me for my birthday.

See how they are cute little vintage sewing machines with a heart on them!

OK, now one of the places that needs a tidy up are a couple of the shelves and this took a whole 5 minutes if that.

Now my little Holly Hobbie lamp has more space.

One other spot that needed a quick tidy was under my cutting table. From this…

…with my original sewing box from Year 7 … this…

There was only one place left to tidy and that was the middle draw in the dresser. This is where I also keep my sketch book of design ideas, proposed fabric combinations, measurements etc for current designs, lists of items I want to make and other notes, swatches etc of things that inspire me.

From this:

5 minutes later. Wahla!

Again today was super easy AND I got to share my second favourite space with you. My favourite is in one of Lilli May’s cuddles. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the snoop. Do you like my Cougar Cave and do you have a room all to yourself?

See you tomorrow.

Keep smiling!




  1. Love it! It’s so nice to see other people’s creative spaces. Tells you so much about someone. Gosh I need to get in and sort my own…. I love my space also – I should treat it with more respect! Xx

  2. I love your cougar cave! I don’t have a designated sewing room. My machines live in our lounge room all set up and ready to go, the moment that my kids give me 5 minutes of peace. One day, I shall have my own sewing room….. one day!
    Love your little hollie hobby bits n pieces too 🙂

    • Thank you. Yes I am very lucky to have my own room as I know what it is like to use the dining table. It is doable but it does make it a little harder. And I adore the darling HH. I think its her country girl charm that attracts me, reminds me of my childhood…without the bonnets though! LOL

  3. I love this sewing space! The childhood sewing book is the best part. (Or is it Holly Hobby – because my six year old self would definitely have picked Holly Hobby.) Even though I don’t have a whole room — under the stairs — I like my space too. I blogged about it here not too long ago.

  4. Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 edrgl


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