Now I am craving a salad!

Now I am craving a salad!

Cleaning cleaning cleaning. It has been a busy 10 days getting our house organised and clean! It is so relaxing having a clean clutter-free house. I know it doesn’t bother some people, to have mess around, however for me, if there is mess then I can not relax. We are now also planning a garage sale (to assist with the de-clutter) for a few weeks time as well, which will be my first ever, so I am a little excited!

So now we are half way through the  20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge and I am still motivated and loving it! As Day 9 and Day 10 tasks were super easy for me, I decided to wait and combine them today. Also yesterday I was working on a new Lilli May designs item for my upcoming Holly Hobbie & Friends Collection – the Retro Bianca!

Day 9 – Ceiling Fans and Kitchen Junk Draw

Day 10 – Oven and Plastic Container Cupboard

I was again relieved to see the tasks for these two days as firstly, we don’t have any ceiling fans, secondly I keep our oven pretty clean at all times and thirdly, we have a fantastic way to keep our plastic storage containers contained and organised.

So first thing to do was the oven.

The only real issue here is some crumbs in the bottom and a few splatter marks on the glass area. As I said in my previous post, that I am going to get rid of harsh chemicals and use more natural remedies, I prepared todays cleaning solution.

Bi carb soda and a spray bottle with vinegar in it. So after sprinkling the bi-carb over the area to be cleaned, I then sprayed on some vinegar.

So as I left that to work its wonders, I moved on to the three draws that need a de-clutter.

We begin like this:


…and this..

After removing the items that don’t really belong here, that was either rubbish or could go to the laundry (like all the spare light bulbs and BBQ accessories) they were done in 10 minutes!

Bottom draw now has the least used items in there including appliance instruction manuals, can openers and pie cutters etc.

The draw above this now holds the second most used or bulky items like all the egg items, my cake decorating items and meat thermometer etc.

The final draw now has all the most used items in it and is sooooo easy to navigate again.

Now it was back to check the oven and it was only 10 minutes since I put the mixture on.

So I tested it but wiping a bit off and to my delight it had worked!

So I wiped out the inside of the oven and the glass door and whaala!

It looks great!

The last item I want to share is our solution to the plastic container disaster. After spending years searching through either a big draw or the back of a cupboard to find the lid that matches the plastic storage container (some people swear by Tupperware or Decor but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lock & Lock – we have tons of it!)

So instead of chasing all around the kitchen for it, a few years ago we bought this little nifty set of draws for only $15.

Top and bottom draw has the containers.

And the middle draw has all the lids. We love it!! How do you store your containers?

So with the kitchen smelling of vinegar I am now craving a salad. 🙂

Before I go off to make one, I need to confess something and also admit that one of my photos above is not a TRUE representation of one of the draws.

Here is the true ‘after’ photo, can you spot the difference?

Yes they ARE mine. Ok ok ok I have to confess I can’t use chopsticks, so I have my little blue man to help me *blushing*. 🙂 Maybe I am the only person that can’t use them properly…but if I can still get the food in my mouth then that is ‘mission success’ in my eyes!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Keep smiling



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