This is where YOU live!!

This is where YOU live!!

Do you feel satisfied and chuffed with yourself when you are asked to do something…and you have already done it??

This means that not only is the person that asked you satisfied, you also are happy that no further effort is require on your behalf. Win win!

Well that explains the week I have had. WIN WIN….and you know what?! A major WIN (details below)!

As Monday saw the dawning of another weeks worth of tasks for the  20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge . This weeks tasks have been a breeze as I had already completed most of them or they didn’t apply to me! Yay!

They were as follows.

Day 11 – Washing Machine – completed when I did the laundry – details here

Day 12 – Dishwasher & Bathroom cupboard I clean the dishwasher everyday… I am the dishwasher. Bathroom cupboard was cleaned when I did the bathroom – details here

Day 13 – Cornices – I am doing this tomorrow

Day 14 (today)- The Office – as I have said before about my other creative space The Cougar Cave – I have OCD about these and need to keep my creative spaces clean and organised at all time – so I will share a few photos with you.

Obviously I still have other areas that I can clean and organise. Case in point: two of the main cupboards in the kitchen so lets move on to them.

Firstly I just want to say how wonderful my new-found love of natural cleaners like bi-carb and vinegar! So much so, I have now put my bi-carb in a little recycled spice shaker so I can shimmy and shake it easily where ever my little greeny heart desires before shazza shizza spray my vinegar on it! It works on soooo many things and is super easy and no scrubbing involved!

OK now these two cupboards hold our appliances and bulky items and started like this before I worked my Mich Magic!

First things first is to clear it all out..

..and as you can see we have stored out onions and potatoes in here.

Then its a shimmy and shake and a shazza shizza with my bi-carb-vinegar and then back in with a bit of organisation and whaaalaa!

Noice hey? Plus so much more organised with all the most used items in the one cupboard that is right under the prep bench!

Now to my other creative space where I do all of my photo editing, accounting, emailing and packing and postage etc. Most of my blogging and surfing are done on the laptop and iPad.. so this room is very business like. Well as business like as a breast-feeding, co-sleeping, attachment parent, that home grows veggies, cooks with passion, loves to recycle, rescue, upcycle, hand make items, has incense and candles in every room and meditates to relax. 🙂

So I have the lovely Bob to keep me company in here and he literally does NOT shut up the entire time he is uncovered. He is the happiest little budgie that I have known!

Also in here are my little rescued vintage draws and my beloved mini vintage suitcases. These are all from my and my sister school years and one is my very first one that I had on my very first day at school…in 1979!! Plus the brown one (second from the bottom) was my MUM’S SCHOOL BAG and she is now 61 years old! 🙂 I adore her for giving it to me!

One of the other things I want to show you is this :

See!!! This is where YOU live!!!! In my computer!! 🙂

The last thing I want to show you is that at the office door (which is also our front door) is an abundance of spanish lavender and is such a welcoming sight when you arrive at our home. It’s so nice to have this right here and I love to just sit on the step, close my eyes, listen to the birds, and relax with a lukewarm cup of tea. Bliss. 🙂

The last win I have had this week is not only have I created and drafted yet another pattern but I have also made the item and it has turned out better than I had hoped for and it will soon be available at Lilli May designs plus it’s for the LADIES!!!! Plus there is another item that I am designing and creating that is for the ladies and will be completed soon too!! Awesome yes?!

I had a peek also at tomorrows tasks and it is the garden!!! I have some other things to do tomorrow as well so if I don’t get time for the garden then, we have a nice long weekend to do it! 

Keep smiling!




  1. How nice! I need a challenge like the cleaning one! Thanks so much for sharing it!

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