Just add water!

Just add water!

We have just had a long weekend in Sydney. It was gorgeous weather each day so we couldn’t help but go out and enjoy it!

Especially considering we hadn’t had our car for nearly two weeks as we were rear-ended and it was in getting repaired, it was nice to get out and about…a little further afield than our daily walks with the pram or a quick train/bus trip to the next suburb.

So for this reason, I didn’t complete the day 15 tasks until today in the  20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge.

So a quick catch-up on where I am at with the challenge:

Day 15 – garden – completed today, details below.

Day 16 – wardrobe – doing this tomorrow

Day 17 – medicine cabinet – completed already, details here

Day 18 – handbag – I don’t use a handbag. I only have an empty canvas tote that I put my wallet and keys in when we go out and a nappy clutch – the ease of being a WAHM!

Day 19 – Lilli May’s Bedroom – to complete on Friday

Day 20 – Freezer Declutter and Baking day – freezer complete, details here, and I will cook something yummy on Friday to share with you all.

So we are nearly there!

So with new plants at the ready to plant, it was time to get outside!

We put on our hats and sunscreen and out we went.

Lilli May’s new cap, a Lilli May designs Cassandra Cap, was also my hat for the September Hat Sew Along over at Liamsolomonsmummy.blogspot.com.au, details on the sew along can be found here. Details on how you can get your very own Lilli May designs fully reversible Cassandra Cap can be found here.

So last weekend we cleared out some old washing tubs and filled them will top grade organic garden mix that we used for our other veggie patches. Details on when we put that garden in only 6 weeks ago can be seen here…how tiny were the little plants then?!

This is how they looked this morning after I watered them – Lilli May loved the spray from the hose on such a warm day!

I love that she loves to get dirty and is not scared of dirt and it was fabulous to have her out there helping me to dig the holes to put the new plants in..

It didn’t take long and we had another area of our garden that we can grow our own food. This area has things like, garlic, chives, parsley, rocket, cucumbers, zucchini, oregano and basil. YUM! Just add water and they will grow!

Now it was over to our previously planted veggie patch. Look how much they have grown!

As you can see there were a couple of casualties in the front row of the main bed (the onions) but the mint and sage are going great guns in their pot!

We also had some cucumber casualties in a pot as well so we decided for some potted colour in their place, much to Lilli May’s delight!

It’s a great idea to plant your favourite veggies in stages, that way you will extend your supply for a longer period and never run out. No point planting them when you pull the last one out as you will need to wait 8 weeks for the next lot to grow!

Lilli May and I had lunch and then she went down for her nap so I needed to do the front gardens solo. They were very easy and didn’t take long. From this:

and this:

To this:

and this:

Aww so sweet.

Now a quick trip out the backyard to hose down the table and remove the weeds that have grown through the cement was all that was left.

Now with the BBQ behind me in the above photo, this is our entertaining area.

Then we have our herbie, compost bin and relax under the trees and read a book area..

That leads to our fun, veggie and trike riding area..

So that is that. Garden done.

I am looking forward to sorting out my clothes tomorrow as I know there will be a lot of them that I can include in our upcoming garage sale as I just don’t need them anymore.

Keep smiling




  1. Wow brilliant, busy and fun fun fun. Thanks for the update on the veggie garden 🙂

  2. Love the vegie garden and the way you watered Lilli May, oh sorry, your garden the most 🙂

  3. What a gorgeous bonnet! Love the name 😉 and that fabric is perfect 🙂

  4. What a gorgeous little sun-bonnet. Thanks for joining in with my sew-along 🙂

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