Husbando Training – How to Hang Out Washing Correctly

Husbando Training – How to Hang Out Washing Correctly

I should maybe say this is a lesson in not how to hang washing out “correctly” but how to hang washing out “my way”. Which as we all know, “our way” in anything is always the correct way.

Years ago, when my now Husbando and I first got together I was visiting Perth and staying with him. Over the course of time he obviously needed to do some washing.  That in itself impressed me. That he even did his own washing and didn’t just leave it for his female house-mate (Cassie) to do. Although if you knew Cassie, then you would know that you were responsible to do your share of everything and there would be consequences if you didn’t! And I love that about her. 🙂

Anyway..back to my point. He was doing his washing, I was sitting outside, waiting for him to empty the washing machine of the newly washed clothes. I was in a love bubble and completely impressed by what was unfolding before my very eyes.

Then as I watched him hang up his newly washed clothes, my little bubble deflated just a bit. This was due to the method he was using to hang his clothes out. Yes of course his clothes would dry with the way he was hanging them..I just felt that they would dry a little quicker if he hung them out MY way.

So here is a quick lesson in the right way my way to hang up the clothes to dry 🙂

Pants – should always be hung out from the bottoms of the legs and inside out with all pockets pulled out properly.

They should not be hung right way out or from the tops (like in the cover photo of this post!)

Socks – Should be opened at the top and the puffed open a bit, with the peg attaching it to the line on one side only.

They should not be hung from the toes.

Tops and all other items – should be hung from the bottoms and the pegs must be placed at the very outer bottom edges of the side seams.

See in the above photo what happens when the peg was previously attached in the wrong spot (one inch in from the side) – it leaves a terrible indent in the fabric that needs to be ironed out.  They should not have the pegs just placed anywhere OR be folded OVER the line in any way and then pegged OR pegged from the shoulders. No, no, no!

So you see, a few simple steps to ensure not only will your clothes dry faster, dry straighter, dry without nasty peg marks in them, dry with less chance you have to iron them BUT it will also ensure that your OCD Stepford Wife will be content. 🙂

(oh and now he does hang them up ‘right’ – not because he agrees with me so much, but probably more because he enjoys peace and quiet LOL)

SO? Do you agree with my methods? Do you have any ‘rules’ for hanging out the washing? What are they?

Keep smiling




  1. haha this cracked me up!! I always get into trouble for one of my sleeves being inside out from when i strip it off… I hang pants the way you said not to, but mostly do the other things right 😛 no colour coded pegging or any other weird things though lol

  2. Hi Mich. I know this is an old post but I’ve just started following so it’s new to me and I had to comment lol. I disagree, I hang my trousers the way you don’t like for starters. I used to hang them the other way but then you’ve got the thickest part of the trousers at the bottom with all the damp running down into it making the waistband take longer to dry. And I do hang my t’shirts the same way but the better way to avoid visible peg marks is actually to peg them in the arm pits, that way when the top is worn, any peg marks are hidden under your arm. I always make the pegs match, what’s wrong with that? lol. My friends think I’m a little OCD, don’t know why lol

    • LOL I love it! Your comments are awesome. I won’t take on the turning my pants upside down, as my way is already the right way :P, but I am interested with the pinning under the arms thing. Although this leads me to believe my shirts will get the crease mark across the body of them that I don’t want, as you would have to fold some part of it OVER the line to peg it yes?
      Oh dear, it looks like we are never gonna hang each others washing out hey hon? LOL Thanks for following too

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