I was addicted to buying cookbooks and then never using them!

I was addicted to buying cookbooks and then never using them!

Do you have cookbooks you never use? Do you have kitchen appliances that you never/rarely use?

Then read on as we may be able to help each other!

Being a seamstress, it goes without saying that I enjoy making things with my own hands.
I do!
I love to sew. I love to garden. I love a clean house. I love to cook.

It seems I would be well suited to the 1950’s – 1970’s and living in Stepford – but being in absolute bliss to be doing it not because I was being subservient!

So in all my wonderful DIY glory..I still seem to fail slightly in one area. So let me set the scene:

What happens to you when you are out shopping…walking through the shopping mall…gazing in to the shop windows…just strolling…when out of nowhere you are faced with tables and tables of books?

Book Vendor

My reaction? Well, I am instantly drawn to the children’s books and then the cookbooks.

Now you may say ‘there’s nothing wrong with that’. To the outsider, that would seem a fair statement. In reality though, it was wrong for me.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to get a new cookbook and pour over the pages, mouth salivating at all the wonderful photos and ideas of wonderful things I could make using my little collection of kitchen appliances!!

I used to hand over my money – they were all BARGINS on these tables, or the book man who used to come into the office – then couldn’t wait to get home to look through it.

Once I had flipped through it, thinking ‘yep yep yep I will make the one on page 34, 76 and that yummy dessert on page 123 next week’…I would place it on the shelf next to my other cookbooks. Most likely never to be looked at again.

My Cookbooks

Now the cookbooks on this shelf are a small portion of the ones that I had up until a few weeks ago. I had WAY too many.  I stopped buying them about 18 months ago and we recently had a garage sale and then donated a heap to vinnies (thrift store) as well. So my collection is now more manageable. On those occasions where I was needing a particular recipe to cook, I would most often just google it and find it on-line! LOL Crazy!

So it’s a new year right? Some people make new years resolutions…which I don’t find that helpful usually but this year I am making a NEW HABIT!! You can help and join in too as it is VERY SIMPLE!

So my plan is each week, when I am planning the family meals prior to doing the shopping, I am not just going to go through my current repertoire of recipes that are in my heart and head. I am going to select ONE of my cookbooks and I am going to choose ONE recipe that I have NEVER made before and then make it that week.

Once I have made it, I will provide my review of the recipe here so that you may be inspired to try a similar one – or who knows, you may even have the same cookbook or love it so much you will want to go and buy it!

YOU can also do the same each week, grab one of your cookbooks, pick a recipe, make it and then comment back on my weekly post what you tried and you may inspire me or others to try your recipe out or one similar in a cookbook that we have!

Cooking Mags

Even though I found myself in the supermarket this afternoon, lusting over a cooking magazine (of which was part of my addiction of buying cookbooks – anything with a recipe in it really)…I walked away and left it. I knew that most recipes in there would be, in some form, in one of the books I already have.

To clarify, my new habit will involve – lets call it the LMD Cookbook Club:

1 no more buying new cookbooks – I have enough variety in the ones I have to move to any country in the world and be able to cook at least one of their traditional meals

2 select a minimum of ONE new, previously untried recipe each week and make it

3 post a recipe review of the one I made here on my blog (needing this step, as it will add to my motivation to keep going)

4 check out any ones that you have shared and gain inspiration from you on what type of recipe to look through my books for a similar one

5 hopefully making these new meals will also result in needing to use some of the kitchen appliances a bit more that I have especially the food processor and all its attachments

So this weeks choices, as we have SOOOOOOO many homegrown tomatoes to eat, are these  (yes I am starting off with two this week to catch up for last week) :

Chillied Tomato & Garlic Chutney


Real Tomato Salad

REAL TOMATO SALAD (bit different to the one I usually make)

I look forward to sharing my attempt at these ones which come from two different cookbooks!

So who can relate and who will try this out?

Lets don those aprons and get cooking!!!

Keep smiling!




  1. I can definately relate!! What a wonderful idea! I will join you and make one untried recipe from my mountain of cookbooks each week too 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration xo


  1. […] I said last week I plan to select ONE of my cookbooks and I am going to choose ONE recipe that I have NEVER made […]

  2. […] I said last week I plan to select ONE of my cookbooks and I am going to choose ONE recipe that I have NEVER made […]

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