LMD Cookbook Club # 2 – Proper Tomato Salad

LMD Cookbook Club # 2 – Proper Tomato Salad

Things have been very busy here at Lilli May designs…from having a few days without a computer to working on lots of lovely orders in my vintage fabrics like this  gorgeous dress (details can be found on my facebook page) in Vintage Holly Hobbie fabric:

LMD Mich Maxi Vintage HH

So earlier this week I attempted the second round of my resolution to choose a new recipe from one of my many cookbooks and make it. This week I chose another recipe to use up our abundance of home grown tomatoes as they slowly take over our veggie garden!

Here is the photo from the book:

2 Real Tomato Salad

Recipe : Proper Tomato salad

Book : COOK with JAMIE – My Guide to Making You a Better Cook

Author : Jamie Oliver

Estimated Prep Time vs Actual : none given/10 mins

Cook Time : nil

Level : Easy

Ingredients : Mostly pantry items

Appliance/s require : nil

Real Life vs Photo :  4 out of 5.  I used all the same coloured tomatoes no heirloom ones

Result/Taste : 4.5 out of 5

This was a very easy one to make.

2 ingredients

There was also only a few simple ingredients and it was nice also to be able to use the fresh basil from our garden as well. Ingredients include tomatoes (surprisingly right?!), basil, balsamic vinegar, marjoram, garlic, oil and basil.

It was just a matter of roughly chopping the tomatoes and garlic and combining them with the other ingredients in a large bowl.

Photo 24-01-13 8 15 04 PM

The thing I really liked about this recipe, apart from how easy it was to make, was also how Jamie used a very conversational tone in the way he explains the recipe background and then the method. There are so many wonderful recipe’s in this book, which I guess explains why I bought it in the first place, that are clearly explained in plain English.

So here is my finished product and we were all really pleasantly surprised with the tastiness of it. The recipe is easily modified to be made for any number of people so you can make it as a single serve or to serve 10 and not just the 4 serving version in the book. Yes I will be making this one again.

LMD Tomato Salad

I had the husband0 pick out the next recipe that I am making and it is from this same book. It is something that I have long wanted to try to make so I look forward to sharing my experience with you next time.

Did you try anything new this week?

Keep smiling!



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