LMD 2000 Liker Giveaway – Week 1 – WINNER!!

LMD 2000 Liker Giveaway – Week 1 – WINNER!!

Thank you to all of you who entered the Week 1 Giveaway to win LMD Retro Bianca in rare Vintage My Little Pony fabric (similar to the one in the photo) in their choice of size (from 3mths to size 8)!!

LMD Vintage MLP

Well that was a bit exciting wasn’t it?!

With over 200 entries there were lots of people in with a chance! It was a nervous wait yesterday after I had emailed the winner and waited for her to confirm her acceptance of the prize!

So without further ado the winner of the Week 1 Giveaway is Jessie and the dress will be for her daughter little Miss Sierra!!!!

What a gorgeous smile little Miss Sierra has!!

Little Miss Sierra


So last night I got to know Jessie that little bit better and what an amazing mum she is!!! She is a mum from Queensland and her and her lovely husband have 11 gorgeous children with another one on the way!!! 😀

She said her children range in age from her youngest of 29 weeks (pregnant) up to her 21 year old!! She also said she has a gorgeous little grandson who is 19 months. Oh, and no twins either! Hubby and her have been together for nearly 23 years, despite being told that they wouldn’t last (she was 15 and he was 17). She said ‘He is an amazing man. I am very lucky’.

Awwww isn’t that beautiful?!

Could there be a more deserving winner?!!!! Please go and check out her Blog Post Comment as well, found here! Very creative!

So please put your hands together and give three cheers for Jessie and Sierra!!

Now don’t forget, we have two more Giveaways to go over at Lilli May designs. The next one is for the boys and will kick off tomorrow!

Keep smiling



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