LMD 2000 Liker Giveaway – Week 2

LMD 2000 Liker Giveaway – Week 2

Welcome to WEEK 2 of three big weeks of giveaway’s here at Lilli May designs – so you can all help me celebrate reaching over 2000 likers on my facebook page!

So week 1 was a huge success with over 200 entries and a very deserving winner. Read all about them here.

So what is this weeks prize I hear you ask?

The Week 2 prize is one pair of LMD CAI SHORTS as pictured (in the winners choice of any of the vintage/retro fabrics in the photo), in their choice of size (from 6mths to size 8)!

LMD Cai Shorts

This giveaway is open worldwide. Postage is included for postage WITHIN AUSTRALIA only.

If the winner resides outside of Australia, then the international postage must be paid by the winner.

To enter our giveaway please follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter Application. Click on the link for the Rafflecopter Application on the top of the Lilli May designs Facebook page or on the link at the bottom of this post to go through it easily and quickly!

Make sure you follow the first two steps as they are mandatory for a valid entry and your comment forms part of the judging and selection process. REMEMBER YOU MUST ANSWER THE QUESTION AS YOUR BLOG POST COMMENT:)

You can ‘share’ our giveaway with your friends and family. This is NOT mandatory but it will give you an extra 2 entries into the giveaway and you can do this as little or as much as you like (you can do this daily for the duration of the giveaway and receive 2 entries per day). Please follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter Application to confirm you have completed each step.

The giveaway commences now with last entries to be received by Monday 4 March at 2pm Sydney time.

The winner, once notified via email, will have 48 hours to claim the prize otherwise a new winner may be selected.

The new Giveaway will then start for the third and final week!

All terms and conditions are available at the bottom of the Rafflecopter Application. Any questions please let me know!
Good luck!

Β Click here to enter via Rafflecopter

Keep smiling!



  1. Hi, I would love a pair in the starwars fabric as my kids all love starwars

  2. love Humprey B Bear as grandchild loves him

  3. Star wars!!!

  4. Nanette Zikan says:

    Oh has to be Starwars!!!!

  5. Humphrey b bear!! Classic

  6. Allysha Watson says:

    I would choose the Humphrey B Bear fabric as I LOVED him when I was growing up….takes me back to my childhood πŸ˜‰

  7. My son is stars wars mad as is his father and as my little girl receives so many hand made products it would be nice for him to have something as well πŸ™‚

  8. Sarah Blair says:

    I would get the Humphrey Bear fabric! It very cute!!

  9. Fiona Kirsch says:

    I would get the star wars for my little man. Daddy is a huge star wars fan, he will probably want a matching pair!

  10. i would love these in Bart Simpson or Humphrey bear so cute!

  11. Debbie Mowatt says:

    I would pick the Simpsons as I have Nearly 7 yr old twins who have taken on their fathers absolute love of the Simpsons! My son would just adore these shorts and probably never take them off! He would be like daddy wearing something to do with the Simpsons!

  12. Arri Amoore says:

    Definitely Star Wars! Childhood loves definitely needs to be passed on.

  13. I’d love love love a pair of Humphrey b bear shorts for my little boy please!!! I loved Humphrey as a little girl! shame its not on anymore for my boys to watch it. my 2year old son loves my retro 1980s Humphrey bear even with one hand chewed off by my childhood dog lol πŸ™‚ what a funny old bear is Humphrey… πŸ™‚

  14. Humphrey B Bear design is ever so cute! This will have my whole family smiling as all 4 sisters used to fight to see who could kiss Humphrey on the tv first! (Brought back lots of memories!)

  15. oh i think i just fell in love

  16. Omg these are perfect for my nephew he would loveeeeeeeeee them

  17. Margaret mary says:

    Star Wars – all the way!!!

  18. I would love the starwars material, my hubby is mad about starwars and our son was born on may the 4th be with u ( 4th may)

  19. Star wars for sure,I have a big fan here!

  20. Lisa Hobson says:

    Humphrey never wore his pants and my little man doesn’t like wearing his either! Except if he had a pair as cool as those! xxoo

  21. I would have to pick star wars my son is a huge fan

  22. Nyssa Wilcox says:

    These shorts are cute! My son absolutely loves Star Wars, especially the original trilogy. I know he would love these shorts and wear them all the time πŸ™‚

  23. Erica Keeys says:

    Star Wars, the force is sooooo strong, we loved it then and he loves it NOW!!

  24. Love all your vintage fabrics

  25. Star Wars as my kids are Star Wars fans- thanks to Daddy’s influence! Have never seen anything like these- so unique!

  26. tara steen says:

    I would pick Simpson’s or starwars my eldest son loves both.

  27. MissB positive ( Sacsha ) says:

    Wow I love you gear!! It’s so cute & original ❀

  28. Growing up in South Australia,
    our TV icon was a very quiet bear.
    Some Cai shorts fit for a regalia,
    Is what my children would love to wear.
    So for nostalgia’s sake,
    Humphrey B Bear
    is the choice I would make.

  29. I would pick Star Wars of course!

  30. michelle gilmroe says:

    With my baby boys 1st birthday tomorrow I would make the most of my little “baby koala bear” as we sometimes call him (as he gives the BEST clinging koala-like cuddles!!) and choose the Humphrey B Bear fabric for my little Joshie bear!!!!!

  31. I think Alice would look awesome walking around with Darth Vadar on her butt!! Girls rule.

  32. EMPIRE strikes back – love star wars – such a classic and one of our family favourites (though i dont let the kids watch it just yet as i think they are too little for it still).

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