How to Plan and Implement a Child’s Birthday Party in only TWO DAYS!!

How to Plan and Implement a Child’s Birthday Party in only TWO DAYS!!

What a time we have had the last week or so here! Lately I have been sewing most of the day and into the night until 3am in the morning. Yes I am exhausted. Yes I am having a ball! ūüôā

With the volume of orders for my Lilli May designs creations growing by the day, I feel so¬†wondrously fortunate to have so many people wanting my creations for themselves and for their loved ones. With this increase in orders comes the need to increase the time I spend creating. Late at night and weekends are a time when I usually get a lot of creating done however last weekend I knew there would be no time for sewing.¬†¬†Why I hear you ask? Because our daughter turned TWO and we had her birthday party on Saturday and then a very close friends son’s first birthday on Sunday.

So each night, as my darling Lilli May and my sweet Husbando slept soundly and warm in their beds, I worked away in my Cougar Cave kept company by my iPod on shuffle. With less than 48hours until the party, by Thursday, I just knew I had to stop sewing and focus on our daughters special day. Because at that point I had done NOTHING party related!! And there comes a time when family just must come first! Wouldnt you agree?!

The theme we had chosen for her party was BALLERINA & SUPERBOY!

We did a quick trip up to the shops on Thursday morning (which for us involves a lot of walking and two trains – so as ‘quick’ as that allows) to grab some special icing and a ballerina shape cutter then it was back home to sew all afternoon to get those last items out in the post by 5pm. Once Lilli May went to bed at about 9.45pm on Thursday night I was able to hop online and do the grocery shopping for the party for it to be delivered the next day (Friday).

Starting The Preparations

So then at 10.38pm I finally decided on what I wanted to do with regards to her birthday cake that I was making and began to bake it. I also rolled and cut out the icing decorations that were going to go on the cake.

Cake Cutouts

Then it was time to start creating some of the 8  tutus whilst that was in the oven. Once it was cooked and some of the tutus done, it was into bed at about 3am.

Up at 9.30am and it was time to cook another part of the cake. Then it was out the back to clean down the swings and do the washing whilst the Husbando took Lilli May out for a couple of hours. After a rushed lunch and getting Lilli May settled for her nap it was time to do the housework of tidying up each room and a good vacuum. Then it was time to bake the third part of cake and pack all the shopping away.

My mum and Aunty then arrived and as they went out to grab some takeaway dinner with the Husbando and Lilli May, I got a spray tan done at home. A little treat for mummy ūüôā = it was after all the two-year anniversary of surviving my 43 hours of excruciating labour pain! LOL

After scoffing down some dinner I went and locked myself in the Cougar Cave and created 6 superhero capes and even a pink one for Lilli May!

My mum and Aunt helped me make some chocolate crackles and coconut ice. Then we sat at the table and evenly counted out lollies for the goodie bags…because some kids do count and compare!

My Aunt also made the CUTEST little tea cups from lollies and biscuits! I just love them!


Then it was back to the Cave to make myself a tutu out of leftover tulle. I went to bed at about 1.30am (early mark!!). Suddenly¬†it started to pour with rain and I lay awake until about 3.30am ¬†tossing and turning thinking about how to change the party plans now that we¬†couldn’t¬†have it outside due to the cold and rain.

It felt like I had only just got to sleep when the alarm went off at 7am. Up we got, had a coffee then rearranged the kitchen so that the party table could now be inside. Nervously I iced the cake and made a tutu for the cake stand.

I was so very happy with the result!

Table 2


From the moment Lilli May woke up the rest of the day just seemed a blur of fun and happiness!

The Birthday Girl is awake!

We all got dressed and then the party began!

Lilli Just Dressed

Checking out her party ptable

How cute do the kids look in their tutus and superhero capes and with their faces painted?!

Group 1

We are SO proud of our little Ruffian and love that we are now in the TERRIFIC TWOs!!!

We are also so proud of how fairly she plays with others too. Such a good girl!!

Blow candles Cubby 3 Guest 1 Lilli Cake eating

The Birthday Cake

Lilli Cake

Lilli May and I also made the best of the rain and enjoyed what it creates by stripping off our tutus and playing in the puddle and mud! By the end of it she was covered in mud from face to feet and had SO much fun….. then a nice hot bubble bath! ūüôā

Mud Fun

So there you go! It IS possible to organise and implement a successful toddlers birthday party in less than 48 hours!!

Even though it poured with rain and it meant that we¬†couldn’t¬†have it outside so that we could have the automatic bubble blower game,¬†the playdough table games, the chalk drawing on the path competition, the balloon game or play on the swings and sandpit that we had planned – we still had the best day!!

A special thank you to all our family and friends that shared this special day with us and a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR GORGEOUS LILLI MAY. We love you and are so proud of you!

Keep smiling


There is ALWAYS time for a swing!

There is ALWAYS time for a swing!

It has been a little while since I have made the time to write a post! It is so surprising how fast this year is really going!

Between enjoying time with our daughter Lilli May and the Husbando there are always lots of Lilli May designs orders to sew! I love the variety and I love how we manage to fit everything in for our little family!

The other day, I needed to go up to the shops to take some photos of a new Lilli May designs item Рthe LMD Deluxe Shopping Trolley Cover/Clothing Protector. The Husbando was kind enough to drive us up there and amuse Lilli May so that I could quickly take the photos and get it in the mail.

LMD Shopping Car/Trolley Cover

Now the entire time I was taking the photo all I could here was screams and giggles!! The Husbando was playing with Lilli May on the swings behind me.

Photo 2-04-13 5 52 36 PM Photo 2-04-13 5 52 59 PM Photo 2-04-13 5 53 05 PM Photo 2-04-13 5 53 13 PM Photo 2-04-13 5 53 41 PM Lilli Swinging 1

(Lilli May is wearing a LMD Lilli Dress in Vintage Holly Hobbie fabric Рdetails here)

So as with every time we go out to our backyard or up to the shops, she always makes me realise, that no matter how busy and hectic things get Р there is ALWAYS time for a swing!

So I joined her! She did, after all, point and show me where the swing next to her was! ūüôā

When was the last time you had a swing?

Keep smiling


Facing My Fear

Facing My Fear

What a morning!! Back in August (oh my gawd¬†I can’t believe it was THAT long ago) I met a lovely mum online¬†via a local online mum’s group. She invited¬†Lilli May and I¬†to come to the Playgroup she attends in a suburb near us. I was so thankful and amazed at her kindness to extend such an invitation to me.

As we had moved here¬†in May,¬†and thus away from my original Mum’s Group, I knew it would be a great way to meet new¬†people in the local area with kids (that weren’t already close friends). I KNEW IT! But this in no way helped me to get over my nerves and shyness and actually GO!

So there always seemed to be something ‘to do’ on a Tuesday morning from 9.30am which I talked myself into doing instead of facing my fear and taking Lilli May to the Playgroup. Finally, after yet another attempt by this amazingly friendly mum to get me to go, I agreed. It was going to be on the first Tuesday back for the Playgroup for the year so I felt a bit better and less like ‘a kid starting a new school mid-term where everyone already knew everyone’ and I would be like an ‘intruder’ on Big Brother… arriving late!

So with little sleep last night, and the alarm going off at 7.45am to wake me, I got out of bed and got ready for our FIRST DAY AT PLAYGROUP! Now I was tired as, as Lilli May normally sleeps until around 9am and I was awake until 2am last night Рnot sewing Рbut stressing about this! So being tired I thought, bingo perfect excuse not to go Рbut said NO you MUST go, do it for Lilli May! I thought about all the lovely comments and words of encouragement from the wonderful likers of my facebook page Рand knew I had to give this a go!

I packed our little bag with some snacks and a drink, had three outfit changes Рwhat do I wear as a first impression??!! Do I wear something I have made (like I normally would), do I make it smart casual or just casual, do I wear a skirt, jeans, trackies, etc etc. Another perfect excuse not to go Рbut NO, I must go and do it for Lilli May!

So with the outfits decided on Рme in my usual clothes, in jeans, casual long-sleeved stretch tee and one of my LMD Nina Vests and Lilli May in a LMD Louise dress and leggings we were ready to go! A quick visit to the bathroom to be physically sick (yes, I am like that whenever I am really nervous), then we were out the door.

I looked up to the sky and see huge grey clouds! Yippee – another perfect excuse not to go…but NO you MUST go for Lilli May. Besides, I love walking in the rain!

Is it going to rain?

So in the pram we walked to the train station for a short wait till our train arrived.

Where's the train?

We arrive at our destination station – hop off the train and with an overwhelming feeling of nerves I stop off and grab a water and¬†a coffee. My mouth was so dry from the nerves and my hands were shaking so I¬† figured if nothing¬†else, I will have something to hold on to and look like I am ‘doing something’ if¬†Lilli is just playing there and no¬†one is talking to me.

Armed and ready!

We cross the road and I see a few kids playing behind the safety fence and some mums inside the door so I take a deep breath and push the pram through the gate (apparently I lose the ability to navigate my pram when nervous and nearly stacked it into the gate Рembarrassment!!).

As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by some VERY friendly mums as I mumbled who I was and our names and the name of the mum that had invited me (worrying that maybe I had the wrong group!) and guess what?!!

IT WAS FINE!!!¬†Yes I felt sick and was nervous as hell and SO hoping my neck wasn’t going too red (as it does when I am nervous), but to¬†see¬†Lilli May instantly run off and play with some of the kids was PRICELESS! The mums there are all simply lovely.¬†Some of the toys there were so awesome and¬†Lilli May had fun with¬†all of them!!

Be it putting the baby to bed

Bed time

Dress ups (go for the shoes – that’s my girl)


To playing with ‘boy’ work bench and tools


To playing with the pretend kitchen/domestic goddess items etc.

Domestic Goddess Time

On this, I have taught Lilli May to go nowhere near my iron – HOT – and then when she saw the pretend one she was like “hot, very hot, don’t touch Lilli”. I wasn’t sure what to do. So we didn’t play¬†with¬†it. As I can’t teach her don’t touch one¬†iron but not another – I guess this will be easier when she is¬†older ūüôā Thoughts?


There was indoor play and then outdoor play and she tried almost everything!

Ready Steady GO!

Before I knew it the two hours were up and I was SO happy with how the morning went. So¬†we said our goodbyes and our¬†see¬†you next week’s, ¬†and as I easily maneuvered the pram out through the gate I breathed a huge sigh. I was not only¬†extremely happy that I had faced my fear and BEAT IT, I was overwhelmingly proud of Lilli May. She played so well with the other kids, lots of smiles, no tears and played fairly too.

With sips from my now cold¬†UNTOUCHED¬†coffee (just the way I like my hot drinks – cold – as I have mentioned here before ūüėČ ) we got the train back home and had a quick lunch and¬†some milk and Lilli May¬†fell asleep on the couch. It’s tiring having so much fun!

So to put it simply. I love Playgroup. I love this Playgroup. I look forward to getting to know these beautiful Mums (and dads and grandparents) and watching Lilli May grow her friendships with their gorgeous children.

So if you are sick with nerves and shy and too scared to go like I was, please please give it a go. Just once. Your child with thank you for it and I am sure you will get something out of it too!

Now I cant wait till next Tuesday at 9.30am!

Keep smiling!


Honouring Your Brothers And Sisters

Honouring Your Brothers And Sisters


What a hot pot of love, excitement, personalities, joy, sorrow and support they can be.

Now there are SO many topics to discuss when it comes to families. I thought that with the approaching silly season, which usually means we spend extra time with our families and friends, that it would be a good time to talk about a related topic.

Today’s topic is Aunties and Uncles.

Now I know that no two families are the same. We are all raised in different environments with different values and different ways of learning to do things. I respect that. So when I was planning this post, I thought it would also be interesting to see other people’s points of view, so that I had something to compare my upbringing with.

So I gained the input of over 30 people. ūüôā

Before I get into it I would just like to say thank you to all of you that assisted me with this and shared with me your point of view. ūüôā

So as Lilli May is growing older and now has recognition of people and names and as we now have lots of friends with their own children this topic almost raised itself. What I wanted to know was what others feelings were on who their children called Aunty and/or Uncle.

Now the Merriam-Webster dictionary gives this definition of Aunt: the sister of your father or mother; the wife of your uncle.

This is how I was raised. That my Aunts and Uncles were brothers or sister (or married to them) of my parents. My sister and I called all my parents friends by their first names. With a few select older/senior friends of my parents that we called by Mrs SoandSO and/or Mr SoandSo.

When my sister (my only sibling) gave birth to her first baby…. a beautiful baby girl and named her Bianca…when I got to hold her for the very first time I was BEYOND proud! I was finally and Aunty!!!!! What an honour!!!

I know that when I returned the favour, and had a baby and my sister became an Aunty to my child she was over the moon with pride as well!! For me there was nothing else quite like holding my big sisters little baby and knowing that I was her Aunty Shell!

Now as time passes and more of our friends have children I have noticed a growing trend in people, now calling my husband and I, Aunty or Uncle when referring to us for their kids. Yet we are no relation.

So I asked the following questions:

Do you think it is ok for people with kids to refer to you and get their kids to refer to you as Aunty/Uncle if you are in no way related? Why/why not?
Or do you think that it should be an honour held for the true brothers/sisters (in-laws included) of the parents to be referred to in that way? Why/why not?

So some of the comments I got back when I was conducting this research were as follows:

  • My kids call a few of our friends Aunty and Uncle, their “real” Aunties and Uncles all live far away and they only see them once a year if they’re lucky so I think it’s a good thing.
  • Our kids call our closest friends Aunty and Uncle and I think it’s a lovely respect for those special friends.
  • Several friends kids call me Aunty and I think it’s nice ūüôā:) it’s a respect thing and to show closeness also
  • I am known as Aunty to all my friends kids. Love it. I have no kids of my own. I became a proper Aunty 5 months ago. Nothing beats it but I love that my friends want their kids to think of me like family.
  • I grew up interstate from all of my blood Aunts and Uncles. But had quite a few of my parents friends that we called Aunties. And I still call them Aunty now.

And the other point of view

  • I don’t like being called Aunty by anyone but detest it from friend’s kids. Fortunately I only have one friend that makes her kids do it.
  • Hubby comes from a family that call pretty well all adult friends Aunt and Uncle. I find it cheapens the term.
  • My children don’t know some of their Aunty and Uncles due to a family rift so I feel uncomfortable with my children calling them Uncle and Auntie when they have nothing to do with them. I don’t call our close friends Aunty and Uncle for my kids though because they aren’t.
  • I think it should only be used for real Aunties and Uncles
  • I think it should be for true Aunts and Uncles. I don’t like when my niece calls her mums friends Aunty I don’t know why but it REALLY eerks me !!! I grew up only calling my true Aunts and Uncles this and friends of my parents were called mrs whoever and mr whoever.
  • The only time it may cause issues is if you don’t want to be called Aunty or Uncle and someone’s pushing it on you
  • I have friends that refer to me as Uncle/Aunt with their kids and I don’t like it… but they have never even asked me is it ok, they just do it.

So as I found out there are two clear points of view on this topic. ūüôā I guess we all need to follow what feels right for us and our individual families based on what we value and how we were raised.

So after much discussion with the Husbando, and after realising that we were raised on the opposite sides of this topic, we have made a decision for OUR little family.

We want to honour our brothers and sister (and their partners) and have Lilli May refer to only them as Uncle and Aunty. We feel that it is important for us and our little family to use the true meaning of the titles Uncle and Aunty and have this clear for Lilli May and not confuse her. If our friends wish to continue to refer to us as Uncle/Aunty for their children, they can, however we wont be doing the same in return. We understand that they may be doing it as a sign of respect to us and we appreciate that. Thank you we are honoured. We value our close friends and want Lilli May to love and respect them as we do, and we feel that she can do this without adding a title to their name. ūüôā Being good role models is what is important and having loving supportive friends is what matters.

I really enjoyed looking in to this topic and hearing the different points of view and reasons and I hope to look into other interesting family related topics in the future (if you have any suggestions please let me know). We need to respect each others preferences when it comes to family, no matter which side of the topic they sit on.

So, please give me your feedback. What are your preferences with regards to this Uncle/Aunty topic? And if you are having your children call your friends Aunty/Uncle, have you checked with them if it is ok? And why/why isn’t this important to you?


Keep smiling


Husbando Training – How to Hang Out Washing Correctly

Husbando Training – How to Hang Out Washing Correctly

I should maybe say this is a lesson in not how to hang washing out “correctly” but how to hang washing out “my way”. Which as we all know, “our way” in anything is always the correct way.

Years ago, when my now Husbando and I first got together I was visiting Perth and staying with him. Over the course of time he obviously needed to do some washing. ¬†That in itself impressed me. That he even did his own washing and¬†didn’t¬†just leave it for his female¬†house-mate¬†(Cassie) to do. Although if you knew Cassie, then you would know that you were responsible to do your share of everything and there would be consequences if you¬†didn’t! And I love that about her. ūüôā

Anyway..back to my point. He was doing his washing, I was sitting outside, waiting for him to empty the washing machine of the newly washed clothes. I was in a love bubble and completely impressed by what was unfolding before my very eyes.

Then as I watched him hang up his newly washed clothes, my little bubble deflated just a bit. This was due to the method he was using to hang his clothes out. Yes of course his clothes would dry with the way he was hanging them..I just felt that they would dry a little quicker if he hung them out MY way.

So here is a quick lesson in the right way my way to hang up the clothes to dry ūüôā

Pants Рshould always be hung out from the bottoms of the legs and inside out with all pockets pulled out properly.

They should not be hung right way out or from the tops (like in the cover photo of this post!)

Socks – Should be opened at the top and the puffed open a bit, with the peg attaching it to the line on one side only.

They should not be hung from the toes.

Tops and all other items – should be hung from the bottoms and the pegs must be placed at the very outer bottom edges of the side seams.

See in the above photo what happens when the peg was previously attached in the wrong spot (one inch in from the side) Рit leaves a terrible indent in the fabric that needs to be ironed out.  They should not have the pegs just placed anywhere OR be folded OVER the line in any way and then pegged OR pegged from the shoulders. No, no, no!

So you see, a few simple steps to ensure not only will your clothes dry faster, dry straighter, dry without nasty peg marks in them, dry with less chance you have to iron them BUT it will also ensure that your OCD Stepford Wife will be content. ūüôā

(oh and now he does hang them up ‘right’ – not because he agrees with me so much, but probably more because he enjoys peace and quiet LOL)

SO? Do you agree with my methods? Do you have any ‘rules’ for hanging out the washing? What are they?

Keep smiling


Ladies First

Ladies First

What a crazy awesome week!  So much has been happening here that I am overwhelmed with all things creative and on a complete natural high!

Just to update you where I left off last week. I was up to only having Day 16 – Wardrobe and Day 19 – Lilli May’s Room to complete in the¬†20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge. With day 20 being to cook something yummy!

Day 16 ¬†‚Äď Wardrobe

This little space was a bit of a disaster zone!

It was a miss mash of clothes and gotten to the point where it was hard to find anything..which is not how I normally have my wardrobe set up.

First thing I did, as usual, is remove everything and then sort the clothes into piles

1 To go back in the wardrobe

2 For our upcoming garage sale

3 To go into storage – out of season clothes

At this time, it is still really cold here so I can’t pack all my winter clothes away and get all my summer ones out..I have to have just a few left in the wardrobe to cover those colder today, which saw snow falling less than 2 hours from our home!

One of the things I discovered that needed to be moved out of my cupboard was my box of denim jeans. Anyone who knows me, would notice that I am a bit of a bohemian dresser, think maxi skirts, long and flowy pants, maxi dresses and vests and scarves. This includes in winter..where I just add leggings under the skirts for warmth.

I am NOT a jeans girl. Never have been. Never will be. I see a lot of my friends live in jeans though so over the years I have dabble in trying to wear much so here is my denim jean collection:

I am currently still holding onto 17 pairs of jeans! I wear a grand total of ONE of these pairs and that ONE pair is only worn on an irregular basis. I KID YOU NOT!! I have tried to find the ‘perfect pair of jeans’ that I am happy with my butt, thighs, tummy and knees in and I just can’t seem to find one that I am happy with. ¬†I have obviously been happy on at least 17 occasions…well happy enough to walk out of the change room to the counter and buy the jeans I have just put on. Then basically all of these pairs have only been endured for one outing before I decide “nup, don’t really like the fit/the way my butt or thighs or profile or knees or legs or whatever looks/feels in these so I am never wearing them again!” Vowing also just to stick to my skirts and be done with it….until my next moment of weakness where I delude myself into thinking that can find a pair of jeans that my butt and I agree with. The argument continues.

So with the box gone and all the other mess, I was able to satisfy my OCD and re-sort my clothes into colour sets…all the white items together, all the black items together, all the blue items together etc……and the jackets all together to the right of the top rail. Ahhhhhh that’s better. ūüôā

With that done all that was left was to do Lilli May’s room and cook something yummy. I have made, amongst other things, Lemon Butter and my Absolutely Delish Spring Rolls and I have the photos so all I need to do is find the time to type it all up so that I can share with you…hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out.

The only task outstanding is to do Lilli May’s room, now we tidy this up at the end of everyday, but I actually want to rearrange it so that is going to have to wait. The reason I haven’t made time to do it yet is because not only have I been busy working on customer orders at Lilli May designs, ¬†I have also been busy launching my new range of handmade items – ¬†LADY STYLES – my handmade clothes for the ladies which includes items that are my own design/pattern.

Classic styling.

Superior comfort.

Uniquely yours.

My range at the moment is very bohemian (wow that’s a surprise isn’t it?!) with skirts, pants, tops, aprons, shower caps and vest with more styles to come! If there is something that you want but done see then please email me on and I am sure I will be able to assist you.

All items can be made in a range of vintage and modern fabrics. All items can be CUSTOM MADE TO FIT YOU no matter what the size. ūüôā Details of the collection can be found here. WHAT A GREAT UNIQUE GIFT IDEA FOR CHRISTMAS FOR THAT SPECIAL LADY IN YOUR LIFE – be she your mum, aunt, sister, friend, wife or partner!

With my new range I decided to go with the saying LADIES FIRST, and took the time to launch it first before doing Lilli May’s room…that will need to wait a little longer until it is rearranged.

Keep smiling!


This is where YOU live!!

This is where YOU live!!

Do you feel satisfied and chuffed with yourself when you are asked to do something…and you have already done it??

This means that not only is the person that asked you satisfied, you also are happy that no further effort is require on your behalf. Win win!

Well that explains the week I have had. WIN WIN….and you know what?! A major WIN (details below)!

As Monday saw the dawning of another weeks worth of tasks for the¬†¬†20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge¬†. This weeks tasks have been a breeze as I had already completed most of them or they didn’t apply to me! Yay!

They were as follows.

Day 11 – Washing Machine – completed when I did the laundry – details here

Day 12 – Dishwasher & Bathroom cupboard I clean the dishwasher¬†everyday… I am the dishwasher.¬†Bathroom cupboard was cleaned when I did¬†the bathroom – details here

Day 13 РCornices РI am doing this tomorrow

Day 14 (today)- The Office Рas I have said before about my other creative space The Cougar Cave РI have OCD about these and need to keep my creative spaces clean and organised at all time Рso I will share a few photos with you.

Obviously I still have other areas that I can clean and organise. Case in point: two of the main cupboards in the kitchen so lets move on to them.

Firstly I just want to say how wonderful my new-found love of natural cleaners like bi-carb and vinegar! So much so, I have now put my bi-carb in a little recycled spice shaker so I can shimmy and shake it easily where ever my little greeny heart desires before shazza shizza spray my vinegar on it! It works on soooo many things and is super easy and no scrubbing involved!

OK now these two cupboards hold our appliances and bulky items and started like this before I worked my Mich Magic!

First things first is to clear it all out..

..and as you can see we have stored out onions and potatoes in here.

Then its a shimmy and shake and a shazza shizza with my bi-carb-vinegar and then back in with a bit of organisation and whaaalaa!

Noice hey? Plus so much more organised with all the most used items in the one cupboard that is right under the prep bench!

Now to my other creative space where I do all of my photo editing, accounting, emailing¬†and packing and postage etc. Most of my blogging and surfing are done on the laptop and iPad.. so this room is very business like. Well as business like as a breast-feeding, co-sleeping, attachment parent, that home grows veggies,¬†cooks with passion,¬†loves to recycle, rescue, upcycle, hand make items, has incense and candles¬†in every room and meditates to relax. ūüôā

So I have the lovely Bob to keep me company in here and he literally does NOT shut up the entire time he is uncovered. He is the happiest little budgie that I have known!

Also in here are my little rescued vintage draws and my beloved mini vintage suitcases. These are all from my¬†and my sister school years¬†and one is my very first one that I had on my very first day at school…in 1979!! Plus the brown one (second from the bottom) was my MUM’S SCHOOL BAG and she is now 61 years old! ūüôā I adore her for giving it to me!

One of the other things I want to show you is this :

See!!! This is where YOU live!!!! In my computer!! ūüôā

The last thing I want to show you is that at¬†the office door (which is also our front door)¬†is an abundance of spanish lavender¬†and is such a welcoming sight when you arrive at our home. It’s so nice to have this right here and I love to just sit on the step, close my eyes, listen¬†to the birds, and relax¬†with a lukewarm cup of tea.¬†Bliss. ūüôā

The last win I have had this week is¬†not only have I created and drafted yet another pattern but I have also made the item and it has turned out better than I had hoped for and it will soon be available at Lilli May designs¬†plus it’s for the LADIES!!!! Plus there is another item that I am designing and creating that is for the ladies and will be completed soon too!! Awesome yes?!

I had a peek also¬†at tomorrows tasks and it is the garden!!! I have some other things to do tomorrow as well so if I don’t get time for the garden then, we have a nice long weekend to do it!¬†

Keep smiling!


Now I am craving a salad!

Now I am craving a salad!

Cleaning cleaning cleaning. It has been a busy 10 days getting our house organised¬†and clean! It is so relaxing having a clean clutter-free¬†house. I know it doesn’t bother some people, to have mess around, however for me, if there is mess then I can not relax. We are now also planning a garage sale (to assist with the de-clutter)¬†for a few weeks time as well, which will be my first ever, so I am a little excited!

So now we are half way through the  20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge and I am still motivated and loving it! As Day 9 and Day 10 tasks were super easy for me, I decided to wait and combine them today. Also yesterday I was working on a new Lilli May designs item for my upcoming Holly Hobbie & Friends Collection Рthe Retro Bianca!

Day 9 – Ceiling Fans and Kitchen Junk Draw

Day 10 – Oven and Plastic Container Cupboard

I was again relieved to see the tasks for these two days as firstly, we don’t have any ceiling fans, secondly I keep our oven pretty clean at all times and thirdly, we have a fantastic way to keep our plastic storage containers contained and organised.

So first thing to do was the oven.

The only real issue here is some crumbs in the bottom and a few splatter marks on the glass area. As I said in my previous post, that I am going to get rid of harsh chemicals and use more natural remedies, I prepared todays cleaning solution.

Bi carb soda and a spray bottle with vinegar in it. So after sprinkling the bi-carb over the area to be cleaned, I then sprayed on some vinegar.

So as I left that to work its wonders, I moved on to the three draws that need a de-clutter.

We begin like this:


…and this..

After removing the items that don’t really belong here, that was either rubbish or could go to the laundry (like all the spare light bulbs and BBQ accessories) they were done in 10 minutes!

Bottom draw now has the least used items in there including appliance instruction manuals, can openers and pie cutters etc.

The draw above this now holds the second most used or bulky items like all the egg items, my cake decorating items and meat thermometer etc.

The final draw now has all the most used items in it and is sooooo easy to navigate again.

Now it was back to check the oven and it was only 10 minutes since I put the mixture on.

So I tested it but wiping a bit off and to my delight it had worked!

So I wiped out the inside of the oven and the glass door and whaala!

It looks great!

The last item I want to share is our solution to the plastic container disaster. After spending years searching through either a big draw or the back of a cupboard to find the lid that matches the plastic storage container (some people swear by Tupperware or Decor but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lock & Lock Рwe have tons of it!)

So instead of chasing all around the kitchen for it, a few years ago we bought this little nifty set of draws for only $15.

Top and bottom draw has the containers.

And the middle draw has all the lids. We love it!! How do you store your containers?

So with the¬†kitchen smelling of¬†vinegar I am now craving a salad. ūüôā

Before I go off to make one, I need to confess something and also admit that one of my photos above is not a TRUE representation of one of the draws.

Here is the true ‘after’ photo, can you spot the difference?

Yes they ARE mine. Ok ok ok¬†I have to confess I can’t use chopsticks, so I have my little blue man to help me *blushing*. ūüôā Maybe I am the only¬†person that can’t¬†use them properly…but if I can still get the food in my mouth then that is ‘mission success’ in my eyes!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Keep smiling


Seeya Later Alligator..Dont Forget Your…..

Seeya Later Alligator..Dont Forget Your…..

I swear the mirror in the bathroom has just had “high-definition” enhancement added! Every time I look in the mirror it is sooooo clear and crisp and defined and bright and just wonderful! I am amazed at how wonderful it is to have a clean mirror and I did not realise how dirty it must have been!

Anyway, after a very busy day playing, taking Lilli May to the doctors (she has a crack/split on her foot) and then sewing, it was time to continue with Day 7 in the  20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge.

Day 7 – Fridge

Our fridge isn’t¬†too bad really so it didn’t¬†take too long to declutter and clean it.

Please remember to turn the thermostat in the fridge right down before you start to help conserve electricity. As always, first thing to do in the task is to clear everything out and give it a good wipe over and clean. I used a spray bottle that I have water and vanilla in to clean and freshen all the surfaces.

This was a walk in a the park compared to yesterday’s task of cleaning the bathroom!

I also didn’t have too many items that needed throwing away, some old beetroot that¬†was stuck up the back with some old pineapple was¬†as unexpected as it got. ūüôā

So then it was just a matter of repacking.


Done. Now on to the freezer section.

Here is the before of the top and bottom draws:

I took all the items out, only needing to throw out a couple of old bread rolls and english muffins, and then wiped the draws out. It was great to repack these draws with some ‘order’ to where the contents went. Now we have lots of space.

Very happy with the results yet again. The fridge is now ready for the delivery of our weekly shop tomorrow. I even gave the front a full wipe down and tidy so it now looks like this:

The front of the freezer door at the bottom of the fridge is Lilli May’s¬†area. She plays for ages with all the magnets.

As there was still some time before dinner I decided to clean out the pantry cupboard too.

This was done in super quick time as it really just needed a tidy up. A couple of things this cupboard revealed:

First are¬†these ice cream cones…that are out of date.

The surprising thing is, is that the date is WAY before the date we moved here…so these were packed at our old place, and unpacked to the cupboard here and at no time was the date noticed. Duh!

Secondly there was of course a bottle of olives that most people have in their pantry but cant remember buying…

My tip for the pantry is when you use plastic storage containers to store all your opened or packet items (I recommend Lock & Lock¬†as they are just brilliant) to ensure you don’t forget when the item expires, just tear it off and place it in the container with the contents. Easy.

 and now our pantry cupboard looks like this:

(And¬†yes they are a strategically¬†placed packet of chocolate melts just to tease you….I have something yummy planned for them.)

Some items that will not be cleaned off our fridge are the messages that husbando and I leave for each other (until they are replaced by new ones)…

…and my brother in laws crazy habit of signing everything…

..because it is the little things like this that make a house a home!

See you tomorrow!

Keep smiling


Its all clean where we get clean!!

Its all clean where we get clean!!

Hellloooooo Monday!

It was easy to get out of bed this morning as it was overcast weather! I adore the rain and would be happy for it to rain everyday!

However, even though we were out of bed and there was a chance of rain to look forward to, there was this little sense of doom and gloom that I could not shake. Oh yes. Oh my. Oh dear. TODAY WAS CLEAN THE BATHROOM DAY in the  20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge!!!

Because I knew this day was coming, we have not cleaned it for at least 3 weeks now (except for surface wipe downs of the basin etc)¬†and Lilli has been having showers with me so standing up. Now the husbando is a tradie…so he can get pretty dirty and…ok ok ok enough excuses..lets get into it. Sigh. As soon as Lilli May went for her nap, I¬†got changed and slapped on some rubber gloves!¬†¬†

Day 6 – Bathroom

Are you ready?!! Here are the before shots. Eeeek

Like my green gloves?!

OK! Well there you go! YUK.

First thing I did was remove all items from the bath/shower, cupboards and floors etc. Then I sprayed on mould remover on all tiled surfaces, with the window open and the exhaust fan on.¬†Then I¬†cleaned the toilet. ūüôā

Rather quickly it started to look great!

One weird, but wonderful thing about our toilet, is that it has this little hand-held¬†water shooter. We ONLY use it to clean the toilet. I don’t¬†want to know what its other uses may be as we just don’t¬†roll that way!¬† It is a great cleaner!

(please note I nearly dropped my camera in the loo trying to get this photo whooopsy)

Next up was the cabinet. Lots of items just chucked in here without much need for them.

See the little glass shelf in the cupboard, and see the little peg things that stick into the side of the cupboard that the shelf rests on? Well these little suckers got me a good one today. After I cleared out every thing I took the shelf out and cleaned it,¬†then decided to re-position the shelf to a higher position. I grabbed on to the first little peg and pulled and twisted. It didn’t¬†budge, so I tried another one. It didn’t move either. I took my gloves off and tried both again. It was then, just before giving up that I realised that they are screwed in!

In my 38 years I have never come across little pegs like this that are screwed in! Well played bathroom cabinet. Well played.

I am so happy with how the cabinet (with its stupid screwed in little peg things) now looks after it has been cleaned and reorganised!

Then it was onto the shower/bath. I wiped down all the surfaces (they have had the mould remover on them now for about 30 mins) and then where there was a particularly bad area of scum etc I used my secret weapon!

If you have never used one of these you are in for a treat!! They work like magic on the soap scum! It is just a matter of rubbing it over where all the scum is (like you could see in the bottom edges of the bath) and it seriously gets wiped off. No scrubbing necessary!

Ta dah!!

How awesome does it look?!

I have another little secret weapon for all of you that have a shower curtain. As you would know, it gets soap scum etc on it to and this photo shows the before and after shots of the same area of the curtain.

Just wipe it down with one of these. Simple. Easy. Effective.

My final two tips for today. First, if you plan on using bleach like I did, then make sure you get changed into old clothes like I did because you may get bleach on them. (I am such a professional…NOT)

My last tip would be, if you have a Ruffian that you bath¬†or a bath to clean, and if you don’t have already, then get yourself one of these to kneel on. Your knees will love you for it!

So now that it is all spick and span, I have thrown out all the nasty chemicals as I plan to now maintain this clean space with more natural cleaning solutions like vinegar and bi carb etc.

I am so happy this job is done and I am very satisfied with the results. It is so clean in there that I felt like we needed to get clean somewhere else before we had our shower in there tonight! ūüôā

Oh and the gorgeous shower cap that Lilli May is wearing in the photos are from Lilli May designs and if you wish to order one from a range of boy and girl fabrics in child or adult sizes, with or without a ruffle added, details can be found here.

I am back on the cleaning horse and can’t wait for the next days tasks! Until then…

Keep smiling