How to Plan and Implement a Child’s Birthday Party in only TWO DAYS!!

How to Plan and Implement a Child’s Birthday Party in only TWO DAYS!!

What a time we have had the last week or so here! Lately I have been sewing most of the day and into the night until 3am in the morning. Yes I am exhausted. Yes I am having a ball! ūüôā

With the volume of orders for my Lilli May designs creations growing by the day, I feel so¬†wondrously fortunate to have so many people wanting my creations for themselves and for their loved ones. With this increase in orders comes the need to increase the time I spend creating. Late at night and weekends are a time when I usually get a lot of creating done however last weekend I knew there would be no time for sewing.¬†¬†Why I hear you ask? Because our daughter turned TWO and we had her birthday party on Saturday and then a very close friends son’s first birthday on Sunday.

So each night, as my darling Lilli May and my sweet Husbando slept soundly and warm in their beds, I worked away in my Cougar Cave kept company by my iPod on shuffle. With less than 48hours until the party, by Thursday, I just knew I had to stop sewing and focus on our daughters special day. Because at that point I had done NOTHING party related!! And there comes a time when family just must come first! Wouldnt you agree?!

The theme we had chosen for her party was BALLERINA & SUPERBOY!

We did a quick trip up to the shops on Thursday morning (which for us involves a lot of walking and two trains – so as ‘quick’ as that allows) to grab some special icing and a ballerina shape cutter then it was back home to sew all afternoon to get those last items out in the post by 5pm. Once Lilli May went to bed at about 9.45pm on Thursday night I was able to hop online and do the grocery shopping for the party for it to be delivered the next day (Friday).

Starting The Preparations

So then at 10.38pm I finally decided on what I wanted to do with regards to her birthday cake that I was making and began to bake it. I also rolled and cut out the icing decorations that were going to go on the cake.

Cake Cutouts

Then it was time to start creating some of the 8  tutus whilst that was in the oven. Once it was cooked and some of the tutus done, it was into bed at about 3am.

Up at 9.30am and it was time to cook another part of the cake. Then it was out the back to clean down the swings and do the washing whilst the Husbando took Lilli May out for a couple of hours. After a rushed lunch and getting Lilli May settled for her nap it was time to do the housework of tidying up each room and a good vacuum. Then it was time to bake the third part of cake and pack all the shopping away.

My mum and Aunty then arrived and as they went out to grab some takeaway dinner with the Husbando and Lilli May, I got a spray tan done at home. A little treat for mummy ūüôā = it was after all the two-year anniversary of surviving my 43 hours of excruciating labour pain! LOL

After scoffing down some dinner I went and locked myself in the Cougar Cave and created 6 superhero capes and even a pink one for Lilli May!

My mum and Aunt helped me make some chocolate crackles and coconut ice. Then we sat at the table and evenly counted out lollies for the goodie bags…because some kids do count and compare!

My Aunt also made the CUTEST little tea cups from lollies and biscuits! I just love them!


Then it was back to the Cave to make myself a tutu out of leftover tulle. I went to bed at about 1.30am (early mark!!). Suddenly¬†it started to pour with rain and I lay awake until about 3.30am ¬†tossing and turning thinking about how to change the party plans now that we¬†couldn’t¬†have it outside due to the cold and rain.

It felt like I had only just got to sleep when the alarm went off at 7am. Up we got, had a coffee then rearranged the kitchen so that the party table could now be inside. Nervously I iced the cake and made a tutu for the cake stand.

I was so very happy with the result!

Table 2


From the moment Lilli May woke up the rest of the day just seemed a blur of fun and happiness!

The Birthday Girl is awake!

We all got dressed and then the party began!

Lilli Just Dressed

Checking out her party ptable

How cute do the kids look in their tutus and superhero capes and with their faces painted?!

Group 1

We are SO proud of our little Ruffian and love that we are now in the TERRIFIC TWOs!!!

We are also so proud of how fairly she plays with others too. Such a good girl!!

Blow candles Cubby 3 Guest 1 Lilli Cake eating

The Birthday Cake

Lilli Cake

Lilli May and I also made the best of the rain and enjoyed what it creates by stripping off our tutus and playing in the puddle and mud! By the end of it she was covered in mud from face to feet and had SO much fun….. then a nice hot bubble bath! ūüôā

Mud Fun

So there you go! It IS possible to organise and implement a successful toddlers birthday party in less than 48 hours!!

Even though it poured with rain and it meant that we¬†couldn’t¬†have it outside so that we could have the automatic bubble blower game,¬†the playdough table games, the chalk drawing on the path competition, the balloon game or play on the swings and sandpit that we had planned – we still had the best day!!

A special thank you to all our family and friends that shared this special day with us and a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR GORGEOUS LILLI MAY. We love you and are so proud of you!

Keep smiling


Is there an echo in here?

Is there an echo in here?


It only seems like yesterday that I held Lilli May in my arms for the very first time. That was 14 months ago tomorrow! Look how grown up she is in this photo!¬†I never really appreciated it when people would say “wow doesn’t time fly” until we had Lilli May! Now, I can’t believe how fast it is going!

I remember when I was a kid and time seemed to drag. Months seemed to take F O R E V E R until the next school holidays. Weekdays seemed to drag on until it was the weekend and we could spend time at my Nan and Pops farm. Afternoons seemed to feel like a week if I was waiting to see if Mum would tell Dad about the fight I’d had with my sister, cause she had threatened it all afternoon ‘you wait till your father gets home!’. And minutes seemed like eons when I was laying in bed, not tired, knowing my older sister was up watching TV like I wanted to, but because I was younger, my bedtime was earlier.

But not now! I don’t even notice minutes anymore. The microwave is always ‘remind beeping’ me that my cup of reheated tea is still in there as I have forgotten about it! Again! So will have to reheat it. Again! The toast is always cold and hard when I get to it as the minutes fly by so quick that I can’t even get to it when it cooks and pops out!

The speed of time had never been more obvious than in the last couple of weeks….because Lilli May is starting to repeat (or at least try to) everything we say! It’s like she has read the “how to speak English” manual in record time, just like Trinity reads the “how to fly a helicopter” manual in The Matrix. LOL

She is coming out with things now that we don’t even notice that we say. This is what happened when my husband Dan was leaving for work;
Dan to Lilli May: Bye Bye
Lilli: Bye Bye (standard response)
Dan to me: See ya
Lilli: See ya!

We never took any notice that that is what we say to each other all the time and that now she has picked it up! Maybe it’s time we take more TIME and be careful about what we say as we seem to have a very attentive little parrot!

It kinda makes me wonder, what does time feel like for her and how does time feel for others? Is it just me that it is flying for? Or has the world simply sped up?!

Keep smiling