There is ALWAYS time for a swing!

There is ALWAYS time for a swing!

It has been a little while since I have made the time to write a post! It is so surprising how fast this year is really going!

Between enjoying time with our daughter Lilli May and the Husbando there are always lots of Lilli May designs orders to sew! I love the variety and I love how we manage to fit everything in for our little family!

The other day, I needed to go up to the shops to take some photos of a new Lilli May designs item – the LMD Deluxe Shopping Trolley Cover/Clothing Protector. The Husbando was kind enough to drive us up there and amuse Lilli May so that I could quickly take the photos and get it in the mail.

LMD Shopping Car/Trolley Cover

Now the entire time I was taking the photo all I could here was screams and giggles!! The Husbando was playing with Lilli May on the swings behind me.

Photo 2-04-13 5 52 36 PM Photo 2-04-13 5 52 59 PM Photo 2-04-13 5 53 05 PM Photo 2-04-13 5 53 13 PM Photo 2-04-13 5 53 41 PM Lilli Swinging 1

(Lilli May is wearing a LMD Lilli Dress in Vintage Holly Hobbie fabric – details here)

So as with every time we go out to our backyard or up to the shops, she always makes me realise, that no matter how busy and hectic things get –  there is ALWAYS time for a swing!

So I joined her! She did, after all, point and show me where the swing next to her was! 🙂

When was the last time you had a swing?

Keep smiling


Just add water!

Just add water!

We have just had a long weekend in Sydney. It was gorgeous weather each day so we couldn’t help but go out and enjoy it!

Especially considering we hadn’t had our car for nearly two weeks as we were rear-ended and it was in getting repaired, it was nice to get out and about…a little further afield than our daily walks with the pram or a quick train/bus trip to the next suburb.

So for this reason, I didn’t complete the day 15 tasks until today in the  20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge.

So a quick catch-up on where I am at with the challenge:

Day 15 – garden – completed today, details below.

Day 16 – wardrobe – doing this tomorrow

Day 17 – medicine cabinet – completed already, details here

Day 18 – handbag – I don’t use a handbag. I only have an empty canvas tote that I put my wallet and keys in when we go out and a nappy clutch – the ease of being a WAHM!

Day 19 – Lilli May’s Bedroom – to complete on Friday

Day 20 – Freezer Declutter and Baking day – freezer complete, details here, and I will cook something yummy on Friday to share with you all.

So we are nearly there!

So with new plants at the ready to plant, it was time to get outside!

We put on our hats and sunscreen and out we went.

Lilli May’s new cap, a Lilli May designs Cassandra Cap, was also my hat for the September Hat Sew Along over at, details on the sew along can be found here. Details on how you can get your very own Lilli May designs fully reversible Cassandra Cap can be found here.

So last weekend we cleared out some old washing tubs and filled them will top grade organic garden mix that we used for our other veggie patches. Details on when we put that garden in only 6 weeks ago can be seen here…how tiny were the little plants then?!

This is how they looked this morning after I watered them – Lilli May loved the spray from the hose on such a warm day!

I love that she loves to get dirty and is not scared of dirt and it was fabulous to have her out there helping me to dig the holes to put the new plants in..

It didn’t take long and we had another area of our garden that we can grow our own food. This area has things like, garlic, chives, parsley, rocket, cucumbers, zucchini, oregano and basil. YUM! Just add water and they will grow!

Now it was over to our previously planted veggie patch. Look how much they have grown!

As you can see there were a couple of casualties in the front row of the main bed (the onions) but the mint and sage are going great guns in their pot!

We also had some cucumber casualties in a pot as well so we decided for some potted colour in their place, much to Lilli May’s delight!

It’s a great idea to plant your favourite veggies in stages, that way you will extend your supply for a longer period and never run out. No point planting them when you pull the last one out as you will need to wait 8 weeks for the next lot to grow!

Lilli May and I had lunch and then she went down for her nap so I needed to do the front gardens solo. They were very easy and didn’t take long. From this:

and this:

To this:

and this:

Aww so sweet.

Now a quick trip out the backyard to hose down the table and remove the weeds that have grown through the cement was all that was left.

Now with the BBQ behind me in the above photo, this is our entertaining area.

Then we have our herbie, compost bin and relax under the trees and read a book area..

That leads to our fun, veggie and trike riding area..

So that is that. Garden done.

I am looking forward to sorting out my clothes tomorrow as I know there will be a lot of them that I can include in our upcoming garage sale as I just don’t need them anymore.

Keep smiling


Find me a cat and pass me its tail!

Find me a cat and pass me its tail!

Last night I had the best sleep. I am putting it down to my incense that I had burning in our room during the day and the relaxation that comes with knowing that the room is clean.

I have incense burning everyday in the house, usually in the lounge room, the cougar cave and the bedroom. Due to the clutter that had accumulated in the bedroom, I havent been able to have it in there for a few weeks. Something I wont let happen again.

So with this very restful start to the day, and after we dressed and ate breakfast, we set about todays tasks in the 20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge.

Day 3 – Laundry

Our laundry is outside and is attached to the garage.

So what hides behind the green door..

Ahhh clutter!!!

As we rent, we are limited in what we can do with the house. At the moment the outdoor toilet doesn’t work. The owner had someone come and ‘fix’ the leak, but it still leaks…on the list now is to contact our plumber mate JJ and get this fixed (we love JJ). 🙂

One of the other things that we want to do is repaint the laundry (including fixing the horrible paint chipped floor) – this has been approved by the owner. Due to this, we havent spent a lot of time cleaning the laundry as we have had it in our plans in the last month that we would be painting it so we can clean it out then. But as they say, there is no time like to present – if I clean it now then it will be all ready for prepping and painting when we are ready.

I started by clearing out everything first.

One item which I am not proud of, yet is does the job, is my garbage bag. It was hanging off the towel rail behind the metal shelving unit.

It is used to put rubbish in that finds its way to the laundry and also all the lint from the washing machine and the dryer. So it is necessary, yet ugly. *blushing*

It already looked better with all the clutter removed!

Next came the sweeping then washing of the floor.

During this sweeping, as I was moving the dryer out of the way, I had a light bulb moment! I grabbed my tape measure (and being a dressmaker, seamstress, designer, sewer, sewist – or what ever you want to call it – I knew where 4 of them were) and measured.  To my delight the measurements matched up!!

I was able to relocate the dryer! YAY!!! This also means no more twisting when unloading the washing into the dryer!

Then I washed the floor and waited for it to dry. It was then time to stop for some morning tea and I joined Lilli May where she had been playing whilst I had been cleaning.

In the sun. Bliss!

Then it was back to work for me. I cleaned the glass and the window frame. Then a full dust, wipe down and vacuum of the machines, the walls and the floor.

Washing machine after a clean.

Dryer before a clean.

Now please note the placement of the washing powder. I had it on the right top of the dryer, then the left (like in this photo) then the middle. Yes my OCD was in overdrive! I need it to be just perfect! I have since decided to have it on the right of the dryer top, so that it is nice and close to the washing machine where I need it….plus it saves sprinkling the powder all over the top of the dryer. 🙂

Then I placed all the items back in that BELONGED in the laundry including unpacking that box that was in there on top of the toilet and putting away the items in the cupboard.

Just check out the spaciousness of it now!!!

FIND ME A CAT AND PASS ME IT’S TAIL….as I now have a room big enough to SWING IT IN!!

As you can see the space between the tub and the shelving unit is perfect for storing the dirty clothes basket (which stays in the bedroom until wash day) and the laundry basket too! Plus this is the perfect height for loading up the basket with the ‘just washed’ more bending over! My back is going to love all these changes!

Also I still have lots of storage space now on the shelving unit…and I can now store the horsies behind the door (instead of outside the laundry like they were before).

But what is she going to do with the lint and fluff etc I hear you ask?

Well something that has been on my to make list for months was finally created today and I LOVE IT!!!

Meet a new Lilli May designs item : The Laundry Lint Bag (coordinating Peg Bag coming soon)

Made in water-resistant fabric it is perfect for damp places like the laundry. Or you may want to use yours on a towel rail in the bathroom or garage! Lots of sizes and different designer fabrics available – contact me for details.

I also love how the black and white blossoms coordinate, but are not matchy matchy, with the blossoms on my handmade curtains.

Our laundry is now so inviting and most of all it is now very user-friendly too! I love it!

I hope you enjoyed yet another snoop into my world! See you tomorrow for Day 4!

Keep smiling!


Taking my creativity outside.

Taking my creativity outside.

As you may well have guessed, I LOVE to use my creative ability. It truly makes me smile on the inside when I can create things.

I enjoy creating anything with anything…be it with fabric or food or arts and crafts. 

We are now well and truly settled in our home and have finally had a chance, and the right weather, to get outside and create! 

So we set about a project that will involve the whole family – a fruit, herb and vegetable garden.

Picking the perfect spot in the backyard is of course the most important step. As this not only determines the size of the patch but also what fruit and veggies you can grow there based on the amount of sun and shelter it has.

So I chose a spot that gets the full sun all day until about 4pm when the sun drops behind our large gum tree. After agreeing on the best size, husbando went about building the frame for us.

As I watched him, I realised it was kinda like how I measure and cut out fabric…measure twice and cut once…and the drop saw is kinda like a very large rotary cutter…but a lot more dangerous. He did a great job and it cost less than $20!

As husbando was responsible for the building, I was responsible for the soil and plant selection. I managed to use my powers of persuasion, that my dad taught me, and got a great deal on a tonne of premium soil delivered. Plus Lilli May was amazed at how the tip truck worked!

I was so happy with what he built, that I even watched him helped him fill it with wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of my soil! 🙂

Then yesterday, with lots of prancing around in a tutu in Bunnings help from Lilli May we picked out the perfect plants for our needs. 

I was so happy to wake up this morning to a gorgeous warm sunny winters day that was just PERFECT for getting out in the garden!

Of course we had to lay in the sun and think about which plants to put where and then the digging and preparation began. It is an important step in the creative process of planting your garden, to ensure the layout of the plants is just right, based on their shape and the height they grow to. After a few VERY relaxing hours in the sun, soaking up the vitamin D, breathing the fresh air and getting our hands dirty, we have our very own fruit, veggie and herb garden!! (We did already have some herbs so it was nice to add to these as well.)


 Now it is up to Lilli May and I to tend to the garden and potted plants everyday, shower them with water and love and watch them grow until we can eat them! The plants all look so tiny now. I will show you in a few weeks how they are going. I love that we now have another reason to get outside and enjoy our backyard! I cant wait to eat all the yummy things we have growing…as I know that the food we grow always tastes that little bit better than the stuff you buy at the markets, as it is grown with that extra bit of love. Plus this is a great way to teach Lilli May about the wonders of gardening, the fun that you can have with dirt and how to grow things to eat!

And boy did I love getting down and dirty in the garden! Its true what they say, you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl!

Now I think I better go scrub my hands after this outside creation, before I go inside to create something with my fabric!!

Keep smiling