How to Plan and Implement a Child’s Birthday Party in only TWO DAYS!!

How to Plan and Implement a Child’s Birthday Party in only TWO DAYS!!

What a time we have had the last week or so here! Lately I have been sewing most of the day and into the night until 3am in the morning. Yes I am exhausted. Yes I am having a ball! ūüôā

With the volume of orders for my Lilli May designs creations growing by the day, I feel so¬†wondrously fortunate to have so many people wanting my creations for themselves and for their loved ones. With this increase in orders comes the need to increase the time I spend creating. Late at night and weekends are a time when I usually get a lot of creating done however last weekend I knew there would be no time for sewing.¬†¬†Why I hear you ask? Because our daughter turned TWO and we had her birthday party on Saturday and then a very close friends son’s first birthday on Sunday.

So each night, as my darling Lilli May and my sweet Husbando slept soundly and warm in their beds, I worked away in my Cougar Cave kept company by my iPod on shuffle. With less than 48hours until the party, by Thursday, I just knew I had to stop sewing and focus on our daughters special day. Because at that point I had done NOTHING party related!! And there comes a time when family just must come first! Wouldnt you agree?!

The theme we had chosen for her party was BALLERINA & SUPERBOY!

We did a quick trip up to the shops on Thursday morning (which for us involves a lot of walking and two trains – so as ‘quick’ as that allows) to grab some special icing and a ballerina shape cutter then it was back home to sew all afternoon to get those last items out in the post by 5pm. Once Lilli May went to bed at about 9.45pm on Thursday night I was able to hop online and do the grocery shopping for the party for it to be delivered the next day (Friday).

Starting The Preparations

So then at 10.38pm I finally decided on what I wanted to do with regards to her birthday cake that I was making and began to bake it. I also rolled and cut out the icing decorations that were going to go on the cake.

Cake Cutouts

Then it was time to start creating some of the 8  tutus whilst that was in the oven. Once it was cooked and some of the tutus done, it was into bed at about 3am.

Up at 9.30am and it was time to cook another part of the cake. Then it was out the back to clean down the swings and do the washing whilst the Husbando took Lilli May out for a couple of hours. After a rushed lunch and getting Lilli May settled for her nap it was time to do the housework of tidying up each room and a good vacuum. Then it was time to bake the third part of cake and pack all the shopping away.

My mum and Aunty then arrived and as they went out to grab some takeaway dinner with the Husbando and Lilli May, I got a spray tan done at home. A little treat for mummy ūüôā = it was after all the two-year anniversary of surviving my 43 hours of excruciating labour pain! LOL

After scoffing down some dinner I went and locked myself in the Cougar Cave and created 6 superhero capes and even a pink one for Lilli May!

My mum and Aunt helped me make some chocolate crackles and coconut ice. Then we sat at the table and evenly counted out lollies for the goodie bags…because some kids do count and compare!

My Aunt also made the CUTEST little tea cups from lollies and biscuits! I just love them!


Then it was back to the Cave to make myself a tutu out of leftover tulle. I went to bed at about 1.30am (early mark!!). Suddenly¬†it started to pour with rain and I lay awake until about 3.30am ¬†tossing and turning thinking about how to change the party plans now that we¬†couldn’t¬†have it outside due to the cold and rain.

It felt like I had only just got to sleep when the alarm went off at 7am. Up we got, had a coffee then rearranged the kitchen so that the party table could now be inside. Nervously I iced the cake and made a tutu for the cake stand.

I was so very happy with the result!

Table 2


From the moment Lilli May woke up the rest of the day just seemed a blur of fun and happiness!

The Birthday Girl is awake!

We all got dressed and then the party began!

Lilli Just Dressed

Checking out her party ptable

How cute do the kids look in their tutus and superhero capes and with their faces painted?!

Group 1

We are SO proud of our little Ruffian and love that we are now in the TERRIFIC TWOs!!!

We are also so proud of how fairly she plays with others too. Such a good girl!!

Blow candles Cubby 3 Guest 1 Lilli Cake eating

The Birthday Cake

Lilli Cake

Lilli May and I also made the best of the rain and enjoyed what it creates by stripping off our tutus and playing in the puddle and mud! By the end of it she was covered in mud from face to feet and had SO much fun….. then a nice hot bubble bath! ūüôā

Mud Fun

So there you go! It IS possible to organise and implement a successful toddlers birthday party in less than 48 hours!!

Even though it poured with rain and it meant that we¬†couldn’t¬†have it outside so that we could have the automatic bubble blower game,¬†the playdough table games, the chalk drawing on the path competition, the balloon game or play on the swings and sandpit that we had planned – we still had the best day!!

A special thank you to all our family and friends that shared this special day with us and a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR GORGEOUS LILLI MAY. We love you and are so proud of you!

Keep smiling


Find me a cat and pass me its tail!

Find me a cat and pass me its tail!

Last night I had the best sleep. I am putting it down to my incense that I had burning in our room during the day and the relaxation that comes with knowing that the room is clean.

I have incense burning everyday in the house, usually in the lounge room, the cougar cave and the bedroom. Due to the clutter that had accumulated in the bedroom, I havent been able to have it in there for a few weeks. Something I wont let happen again.

So with this very restful start to the day, and after we dressed and ate breakfast, we set about todays tasks in the 20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge.

Day 3 – Laundry

Our laundry is outside and is attached to the garage.

So what hides behind the green door..

Ahhh clutter!!!

As we rent, we are limited in what we can do with the house. At the moment the outdoor toilet doesn’t work. The owner had someone come and ‘fix’ the leak, but it still leaks…on the list now is to contact our plumber mate JJ and get this fixed (we love¬†JJ). ūüôā

One of the other things that we want to do is repaint the laundry (including fixing the horrible paint chipped floor) Рthis has been approved by the owner. Due to this, we havent spent a lot of time cleaning the laundry as we have had it in our plans in the last month that we would be painting it so we can clean it out then. But as they say, there is no time like to present Рif I clean it now then it will be all ready for prepping and painting when we are ready.

I started by clearing out everything first.

One item which I am not proud of, yet is does the job, is my garbage bag. It was hanging off the towel rail behind the metal shelving unit.

It is used to put rubbish in that finds its way to the laundry and also all the lint from the washing machine and the dryer. So it is necessary, yet ugly. *blushing*

It already looked better with all the clutter removed!

Next came the sweeping then washing of the floor.

During this sweeping, as I was moving the dryer out of the way, I had a light bulb moment! I grabbed my tape measure (and being a dressmaker, seamstress, designer, sewer, sewist Рor what ever you want to call it РI knew where 4 of them were) and measured.  To my delight the measurements matched up!!

I was able to relocate the dryer! YAY!!! This also means no more twisting when unloading the washing into the dryer!

Then I washed the floor and waited for it to dry. It was then time to stop for some morning tea and I joined Lilli May where she had been playing whilst I had been cleaning.

In the sun. Bliss!

Then it was back to work for me. I cleaned the glass and the window frame. Then a full dust, wipe down and vacuum of the machines, the walls and the floor.

Washing machine after a clean.

Dryer before a clean.

Now please note the placement of the washing powder. I had it on the right top of the dryer, then the left (like in this photo) then the middle. Yes my OCD was in overdrive! I need it to be just perfect!¬†I have since decided to have it on the right¬†of the dryer top, so that it is nice and close to the washing machine where I need it….plus it saves sprinkling the powder all over the top of the dryer. ūüôā

Then I placed all the items back in that BELONGED in the laundry including unpacking that box that was in there on top of the toilet and putting away the items in the cupboard.

Just check out the spaciousness of it now!!!

FIND ME A CAT AND PASS ME IT’S TAIL….as I now have a room big enough to SWING IT IN!!

As you can see the space between the tub and the shelving unit is perfect for storing the dirty clothes basket (which stays in the bedroom until wash day) and the laundry basket too! Plus this is the perfect height for loading up the basket with the ‘just washed’ more bending over! My back is going to love all these changes!

Also I still have lots of storage space now on the shelving unit…and I can now store the horsies behind the door (instead of outside the laundry like they were before).

But what is she going to do with the lint and fluff etc I hear you ask?

Well something that has been on my to make list for months was finally created today and I LOVE IT!!!

Meet a new Lilli May designs item : The Laundry Lint Bag (coordinating Peg Bag coming soon)

Made in water-resistant fabric it is perfect for damp places like the laundry. Or you may want to use yours on a towel rail in the bathroom or garage! Lots of sizes and different designer fabrics available Рcontact me for details.

I also love how the black and white blossoms coordinate, but are not matchy matchy, with the blossoms on my handmade curtains.

Our laundry is now so inviting and most of all it is now very user-friendly too! I love it!

I hope you enjoyed yet another snoop into my world! See you tomorrow for Day 4!

Keep smiling!


I found the Blu Tack!!!!!!!!

I found the Blu Tack!!!!!!!!

Well its Tuesday and Day 2 of the 20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge.

Oh my goodness it was¬†SO lovely to enter our new¬†organised kitchen this morning, which was helped by my new night-time and morning routines. I am a huge fan of this challenge and can already see the benefits! I am loving the wife and mumma training that I am undertaking. It is just giving me the direction to¬†focus and hone¬†the organising and cleaning skills that I already have! ūüôā

Day 2 – Main Bedroom

I woke up to this:

…including the cute little Ruffian…

…and all the clutter! Lucky us hey?! As you can see the cupboard tops have become storage areas and there is the mountain of washing that¬†we did on the weekend in the basket waiting to be packed away. Oh and all those extra pillows that I have on the bed for ‘decorative purposes only’ also get ‘stored’ in that area in front of the¬†wardrobe of a night.

So after we got dressed, ate breakfast and hung the washing out, and before her nap, my sewing and then our walk,  it was on to the daily tasks!

So as I had only stripped the bed on the weekend, it was a simple make and place all the pillows outside in the sun for a few hours. This was great, as the bed then made the perfect dumping ground to sort everything else out. Next task was on to packing all the washing away.

Then it was onto removing all the items from the top of cupboards, putting them in baskets if they are to go to a different room or be thrown out. If they were to stay then I put them in another basket and would then dust them all before putting the item back in its place.


We are also keeping a list of all the items that need repairing or buying for the weekend, and the first item on the list is new handles for my little vintage¬†wardrobe that only cost me $12…the handles will probably cost more than the¬†whole cupboard!!¬† ūüėÄ

How nice and organised does this look now?!

I love all our pretty bottles. I know they should be tucked away in the dark somewhere, but I use them up so quickly and keep them out of direct sunlight so they are fine for me. Plus looking at them makes me smile. And why would anyone deny themselves a smile?! ūüôā

There was dust….

And mould on the window sill (eeek)

But with a few squirts and a bit of elbow grease…the area was clean!

Then I stood back and admired my work!

I am so happy that I will now again be able to sit up in bed, be it last thing at night or first thing in the morning, and see my little relaxation centre Рthe gorgeous handmade blue pyramid candle holder from my sisters mother-in-law, the wooden incense burner from my mum and the little mini buddha table that I use as a stand for my other incense burner and candles and was a gift from my sister. 

Oh and the biggest bonus of today’s clean up is¬†I FOUND THE BLU TACK that I had been searching for, for the last¬†few weeks! It had slipped off down the back of the¬†cupboard!! Yay!

So Day¬†2 is done! The little M & M man has been banished back to the man cave, the washing is packed away and the TV (which we havent watched in the bedroom since we moved here 4 months ago) may also be removed. BUT….and this is for you¬†husbando…THE EXTRA DECORATIVE¬†PILLOWS ON THE BED (all¬†5 of them not counting the 2 pillows we actually use) ARE NOT CLUTTER AND WILL NOT BE GOING, THEY ARE STAYING.¬† ūüôā

I am sure I am not the ONLY one, with decorative pillows on the bed that get thrown off every night before bed and get placed back on the bed every morning when the bed is made, am I?!

Bring on Day 3!

Keep smiling!


Spring has sprung! Time to unleash the Stepford Wife!

Spring has sprung! Time to unleash the Stepford Wife!

Well everyone is all excited about it being a new season. Spring here in the southern hemisphere is usually met with open arms after the bitter cold of winter. Mind you, it is usually only a few weeks before we also then start complaining about it being too warm and wishing it was winter again! LOL

So not only does this change in season usually signal that its time to get outside and garden (tick – see previous post here) and shave the legs as its time to show them again (tick – never posting that here) it also usually means that it is time to SPRING CLEAN!

Now being a mum and wife and raised in the country I relish the chance to clean. Thing is, with being a mum and a wife and working on Lilli May designs orders I often don’t get the chance to clean. I mean REALLY clean. Things are certainly clean here – they just aren’t SPRING CLEAN. Stuff can get put where it fits but not necessarily belongs. Also the kinda clean you do when your mum is coming to stay – well my mum anyway…and she was last here 7 weeks ago – this is only halfway to what could be described as a SPRING clean. Spring cleaning is an aggressive overhaul of your home.

Now I knew I couldn’t do this on my own. I needed a little assisted direction. So I decided to join the gorgeous Katrina and sign up to the Organised Housewife’s 20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge.

So I am sharing my journey (always wanted to say that just like they do on most reality TV shows) with you all (warts and all) over the next 20 days. Plus a clean house is easier to maintain than a messy one (especially when you couple this with new cleaning and organisation habits) so I am all for extra time to relax in the future and have extra time to create and sew!

So after completing a few days of pre-task challenges over the last few days, today was the official Day 1.

Day 1 – the kitchen

I woke up to this:

As you can see it was a little untidy. :O

There was one end of the dining table that was the drop off point for ANYTHING – mail, newspapers, broken toys etc and things that belonged in other rooms that you plan to pack away later would go into the big glass bowl..with the pens and hair things, and sticky tape and post it notes etc. Then there is the bench where the items to be taken to the recycling each morning sits, then the sink that had dishes in it to the bench that was just cluttered with stuff. Sigh.

So with the help of todays checklist, I decluttered and cleaned all the surfaces including the cupboard that is used for the chemicals, medicines etc

This cupboard went from this:

To this:

I can’t believe all the extra space I have, after removing the items that should be in the bathroom or laundry or other areas of the house and throwing away all the out of date items.

I was interested to see this:

As it seems like we get a lot of headaches and are band-aid hoarders. The simple fact is the cupboard was such a mess that it looked like we had run out and needed to buy more, when in fact there were already packets in there…just underneath a heap of crap hidden!

I also cleaned the microwave, inside and out, and all the benches and cupboard doors. I also decided to remove the blind as it just blocked natural light and I now plan to make some framing curtains for the window.

So now it looks like this:

It is so ORGANISED and so inviting and so light and bright! So it was a fantastic Day 1! Lilli May helped me with the cleaning (loved playing with the toys that had previously disappeared into the BIG GLASS BOWL), we then played outside and had lunch. I then worked on some orders whilst she slept. When she woke up we went for our daily walk. Came home showered with her and then baked a cake, as the husbando got home. Then we all had dinner together, played, put Lilli May to bed and I caught up on some invoicing/emails and now this post before I go to bed.

I can’t wait for tomorrows challenge and I cant wait to see what our home will be like after this challenge!

My inner Stepford Wife is LOVING this!

Keep smiling!